Among Us Characters Complete Details and Guide

All the details you need to know about each of the 18 colorful and quirky Among Us characters in the game.

Among Us was a surprise hit from the get-go, and one of its most endearing and memorable elements is the charming color-coded characters.

All the details you need to know about each of the colorful and quirky Among Us characters in the game (Images: Innersloth)

Without the quirky and oddly adorable cast of characters, could the game have been as successful as it was in 2018? Probably not, as these little space guys have become as iconic as the Angry Birds in gaming.

Have questions about the characters in Among Us? Read on for the ultimate guide below!

Who are the Among Us characters?

Every Among Us character plays the role of the crewmember of a spaceship. These little guys (or girls, no one’s really sure what their genders are under the spacesuit) serve as the faceless avatars of players in the game.

As of this time, there are 18 different colored Among Us characters (with 2 unused colors, Fortegreen and Olive), identified by their spacesuit colors. Most will be identified as the Crewmate role, but there can be other roles randomly assigned to a character (or gets killed during gameplay) if they are enabled at the lobby options before the Round starts.

If enabled, characters in Among Us can randomly be assigned roles like Scientist and Engineer.

These roles include the Engineer, Scientist, Ghost, and Guardian Angel. These roles have similar functions to a Crewmate, but have additional features:

  • Engineer – can use the Vents like an Impostor. Note that this ability is unavailable when a Clean Vent task is ongoing, though it can be used at another vent interconnected with it.
  • Scientist – can use a portable Vitals monitor which can be accessed any place on the map, including areas that have no stationary monitor. There is a limitation that this portable Vitals monitor has a limited charge, but it can be recharged by accomplishing tasks.
  • Guardian Angel – a Crewmate killed or ejected can become one which can cast a protection shield on a living Crewmate being targeted by the Impostor from being killed.
  • Ghost – a Crewmate killed or ejected becomes a Ghost. A Ghost can move faster and has unlimited and unobstructed vision, but it also cannot interact with the living Crewmates in any functional way. They can still communicate with other Ghosts.
  • Sheriff - this role is currently not implemented, though it was announced during the Summer Game Fest (along with Scientist). Details about its abilities are also unclear. However, it may be added to Among Us in a future update.

Of course, there is the Impostor character in Among Us. The Impostor can be any one (up to three) of the crewmembers in a game instance. There is no immediate way of distinguishing the Impostor from Crewmates. Effectively, the Impostor looks just the same as any Among US character.

That is, until it kills a Crewmate. The Impostor will display kill animations unique to it, depending on how it tries to dispose of an unsuspecting Crewmate. As for the unfortunate Crewmate character that gets killed, it leaves a decapitated corpse at the location where they met their fate.

There is also the special role Impostor called the Shapeshifter. If enabled in the Lobby options, the Shapeshifter has all the abilities of an Impostor, but also has Shift. This allows this character to transform into another player avatar’s look for a limited duration.

This is the effective conflict of Among Us characters. The Crewmates aim to survive the round, while the Impostors attempt to kill as many Crewmates as possible.

Color-coded characteristics

As mentioned prior, each Among Us character is identified by their specific color, as listed below:

  • Red – Color ID 0
  • Blue - Color ID 1
  • Green - Color ID 2
  • Pink - Color ID 3
  • Orange - Color ID 4
  • Black - Color ID 6
  • White - Color ID 7
  • Purple - Color ID 8
  • Brown - Color ID 9
  • Cyan - Color ID 10
  • Lime - Color ID 11
  • Maroon - Color ID 12
  • Rose - Color ID 13
  • Banana - Color ID 14
  • Gray - Color ID 15
  • Tan - Color ID 16
  • Coral - Color ID 17

That is as far the base distinctiveness of each character goes. Otherwise, their visual features follow the same parameters: a spacesuit with a visor, two legs, and a backpack.

Curiously, the Among Us characters do not have any arms. Whether this is due to an inherent racial feature or because of the spacesuit and the absence of arms is a deliberate choice for an undisclosed purpose is never revealed in the lore of the game.

While they do lack arms, Among Us characters do display hands (which can have either four or five fingers, at times). These hands appear when they perform certain actions.

Cosmetic pets in Among Us will follow the character around until they get killed or ejected.


While the colors serve as the base distinctive element of the characters in Among Us, players can expand this further with the use of cosmetics.As with many multiplayer games, whether offline or online, cosmetic items have become a standard feature to personalize player avatars.

In Among Us, cosmetics can come in the form of hats, nameplates, pets, skins, and visor cosmetics. Some cosmetics appear on the character itself, such as wearing a hat, visor, or being followed by a pet.  Skins change the appearance of the character itself, while nameplates will show up on a player’s voting box.

Cosmetics in Among Us can be purchased with the in-game currencies.

There are limited free cosmetics automatically available to all players of Among Us. Beyond these, players can opt to buy new ones within the game using the different currency. These currencies come in the form of Beans, Pods, and Stars. Beans are obtainable through gameplay and characters that level up can gain multipliers. Meanwhile, Pods can be obtained through Cosmicubes in the course of gameplay. However, Stars are a premium currency that can only be bought with real cash.

Cosmetics do not directly add to the gameplay per se, save for the visual depiction of a player’s Among Us character. However, there may be tangential benefits for players paying attention.

For one, a cosmetic may affect the impostor, as certain cosmetics like hats will make the character occupy more space. A slight benefit for Crewmates is that the cosmetic helps with identifying if that player was in a location stated.

Creating your Among Us character

Generating and setting your character in a game of Among Us is simplicity itself. Just change the name before the round of Among Us on the Online menu and select the ENTER NAME tab. You can do this every new round, but never during a round of Among Us already in play.

You  can also modify the Among Us characters with your available cosmetics prior to the round. Just go to the Wardrobe, which can be accessed in the Main Menu or the Lobby.

And that’s all there is to it to creating your Among Us character.

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