Among Us Airship Map: Release Date, Trailer, and More

From the confines of a spaceship floating around space, the new Among Us map will introduce an entirely new set of tasks and map mechanics to the game, as The Airship takes gamers to the skies up above.

The Airship is set to be the biggest and most dynamic map that Among Us has ever had.

Fans of the indie title already knew that the new map was coming. The developers, InnerSloth, had already teased it back in December of 2020 during The Game Awards and shared another update regarding the new map earlier in January of this year.

Now that the game has since been ported to the Nintendo Switch, with an Xbox One and Xbox Series X port slated later this year, Among Us might just become even more popular what with a new map coming.

Scroll down below to learn everything there is to know about the Among Us Airship map.

What's New In the Among Us Airship Map?

New tasks, rooms, areas, and more, will be added to The Airship map that will completely change how Among Us is played.

As of the moment, there are three playable stages in Among Us - The Skelt, Mira HQ, and Polus. Although each map is unique from the other, The Airship is arguably the most unique of them all, with numerous changes and improvements that could potentially change how Among Us is played going forward.

A good example of this is how players can now choose where they want to start on the map. It'll also come with a new set of tasks, and these will include everything from throwing out trash to polishing a giant gemstone, among others.

The map itself also feels much more alive. It'll have floating platforms that players can jump on to and move across the map. It's also filled with numerous shortcuts and ladders that make traveling throughout the map feel much more dynamic than ever before.

To match the all-new Among Us Airship map, InnerSloth also added new cosmetics and kill animations.

The AirShip's theme will reportedly draw upon Marcus Bromande's previous series of interactive animated shorts, Henry Stickmin, which was quite popular in its heyday on Newgrounds, an animation sharing site.

Is There An Among Us Airship Map Trailer Available?

Yes, and it's been out for quite a while already.

The new Among Us Airship map trailer was aired during The Game Awards 2020 show, where Among Us won The Game Award for Best Mobile Game and The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game. It shows off everything there is to know about The Airship map. This includes everything from the new tasks, areas, features, and more.

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When Is the Among Us Airship Map Release Date?

Unfortunately, this is where things start to get tricky for Among Us.

On one hand, the aforementioned trailer does confirm that the game will release on early 2021. However, what it fails to say is exactly when. But, if it's any consolation, the developers did offer an explanation for the slow progress.

They explained that they needed to "switch back to working on Among Us after thinking it was done" and that they needed to set themselves up to be able to work on the game in a more sustainable way. The developers also reiterated this in a February 2021 tweet.

There's little doubt that InnerSloth has their work cut out for them. The game did become more than just an overnight success as many expected it to become. It continues to receive rave reviews and one of the most watched, as well as played, games on Twitch and Steam, respectively.

What Other Things Are Coming to Among Us in 2021?

In other news, Among Us seems poised to take advantage of its sudden surge in popularity in late 2020.

After being released to minimal success in August 2018, fans came in droves as streamers and popular internet personalities, as well as celebrities and public figures, all decided to give InnerSloth's indie title a shot.

With that said, Among Us is getting more than just The Airship map this 2021.

For starters, as we've already mentioned, Among Us will be headed to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X later this year. The game will also finally have an Account system to help keep the gameplay experience safe and welcoming to everyone.

Unfortunately, there are no news as of yet if InnerSloth plans on porting the game to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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