David Hayter is turning American McGee's Alice into a TV Series

X-Men writer and the voice of Solid Snake is making a TV show based on the 2000 action-adventure title from EA.

It's been a while since Electronic Arts released the pair of American McGee's Alive video games. The first game hit the market back in 2000 and was met with both commercial success as well as critical acclaim. The 2011 sequel had a handful of flaws that made it less desirable to mainstream audiences. Still, the game sold relatively well with enough demand and interest for a third game. Unfortunately, at that point, Electronic Arts just wasn't interested in the series anymore.

Meanwhile, American McGee is still holding out hope that EA will green light a third game in the series.
Meanwhile, American McGee is still holding out hope that EA will green light a third game in the series.

Fast forward to today and it appears that the story of American McGee's might live on in TV show form.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Radar Pictures has officially acquired the rights to make an American McGee's Alice with David Hayter at the helm. Unfortunately, the same report did not contain details about the attached broadcast network or streaming platform, as well as other important details.

David Hayter's name might ring a bell for Hideo Kojima fans. He's the English voice actor behind both Solid Snake and Naked Snake in Kojima's Metal Gear series, which many consider some of the auteur's best works. Later on, Hayter would make a name for himself with his work on the original X-Men movies and 2009's Watchmen. Hayter also has experience writing Netflix's Warrior Nun, among several others.

Hayter describes American McGee's Alice games as a "groundbreaking reimagining of a classic tale." He says that he is "beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience."

Unlike the original Alice in the Wonderland tales, American McGee's take is more twisted and dark. In her return from Wonderland, Alice finds out that her parents had already died. Not to mention, their house had burned down. Grief-stricken and depressed, Alice attempts suicide several times and is later admitted to a mental health institution, then escapes, and meets up with the White Rabbit. From there, she has to fight through a corrupted version of Wonderland to regain some clarity, peace of mind, and find out what happened to her parents.

American McGee's Alice tells the sort of twisted tale that would probably do well told throughout an entire season on a popular streaming platform. Here's to hoping that Hayter can do the source material justice.

In other news, fans can look forward to a "radical project" by Hideo Kojima planned for this year. Also, if you missed out on Death Stranding Director's Cut for the PS5, the extended version of the 2019 title is coming to PCs in a few months.

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