American Horror Story will return for Season 11 this fall

FX Chairman John Landgraf announced that the limited series will premiere its 11th installment just in time for the Halloween season.

Ryan Murphy's hit horror thriller drama series will scare across the airwaves again for its 11th season in just a few months from now.

American Horror Story has won several awards throughout its 10-season run.

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American Horror Stories is a limited series show with a new storyline each season. However, the show uses a rotating cast of characters that play different roles every season along with the occasional fresh face or two.

According to Variety, FX chairman, John Landgraf, revealed that American Horror Story will come back for Season 11 at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. Landgraf didn't give American Horror Story season 11 a release date. Instead, Landgraf gave the next American Horror Story season a release window in the fall, September to November.

American Horror Story is one of FX's biggest draws. The first season, in particular, set a then-record for a new cable series in 2011.

The 10th season of American Horror Story ended last October, leaving fans wanting more. Season 10, Double Feature, featured a split storyline.

The first part, American Horror Story: Red Tide, was about an aspiring writer who moved to a small Massachusetts town to get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, his plan to finish his latest writing work turns sour as he gets hooked on taking the town's special pills.

Meanwhile, the second half, American Horror Story: Death Valley, weaved popular figures like Amelia Earhart and Marilyn Monroe into a conspiracy-filled story about aliens.

While waiting for American Horror Story Season 11, fans can check out the spin-off series, American Horror Stories. Instead of using an entire season (or half of it) to tell a new story, American Horror Stories has a different story per episode. The spin-off's second season is still ongoing on Hulu after premiering on July 21.

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