Ambitious Modder Pulls Off Unique Watercooled PS5

Modders can sometimes be the sort of people who might just have a bit too much time on their hands. They tend to come up with some of the darnest things out there. This includes, among many others, stuffing Sony's newest flagship console, the PlayStation 5, inside a custom-built chassis and water-cooling it.

While watercooling consoles is nothing new, what nhenhophach has done to the PlayStation 5 remains an amazing feat.

Yes. You heard that right. A console that a lot of people can't even get their hands on has already been watercooled, like a PC.

Watercooled PlayStation 5's Coming to Stores Near You

The watercooled PS5 is the brainchild of Vietnamese PC modder, Nhenhophach, otherwise known as Modding Cafe and Amberspider.

The watercooled PS5 reportedly took more than two months to plan and build. Nhenhophach says that the process involves deconstructing the console itself. This is so that he could make the necessary measurements and order custom plates and parts that would go into building the water cooling system for the PlayStation 5.

Just in case you didn't know, water cooling is a method of removing heat using water. It is considered a more efficient way of removing heat in hardware such as PCs and consoles. This is because it uses water and not fans, as is the case with traditional set-ups.

One interesting thing about the watercooled PS5 is that it manages to stay true (well, mostly) to Sony's design while still having its own unique touch.

Now, if the concept of having your own watercooled PS5 has got you hooked, then don't worry.

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Apparently, Nhenhophach plans on making his own design available for sale soon. He confirmed this himself via his YouTube channel. He says that he's currently looking into making a commercial version of the watercooled PS5.

Is There An Official Custom PS5 from Sony?

Unfortunately, Sony has yet to offer a customized version of the PlayStation 5. Although this isn't all that surprising, as they've historically not done it. Instead, they've resorted to releasing limited-edition designs of their consoles.

If it's any consolation though, there are many companies offering customized faceplates for those who want to make their PlayStation 5 look different.

Of course, to make your PlayStation 5 look better, you first have to get your hands on it! Speaking of, nearly six months since it was made available to the public, stocks of the PlayStation 5 remain scarce and have left many interested players disheartened by the lack of supply.

With a chip shortage affecting numerous industries, we can expect the PS5 stock shortage to continue until the foreseeable future.

Ray Ampoloquio
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