Amazon treats fans to a first look at Fallout TV show

The reveal coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Bethesda series.

Fallout Series Cover
A first look at Fallout: The Series Vault 33.

Fallout is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first game. The original game came out on October 10, 1997, and spawned three other mainline titles. A fifth entry into the series from Bethesda is coming sometime in the future.

To celebrate the occasion, Amazon Prime gave fans a first look into Fallout: The Series. The image shared by Amazon is the first official photo from the series. There have been many leaked images from the set during filming.

Doing a bit of detective work, the image appears to be from Vault 33 as seen on the uniforms of the people inside the vault. Vault 33 has never appeared in a Fallout game. It will most likely be set in the western United States as the lower numbered vaults are mainly located there.

The massive vault door is seen in the background with a person going out of the shelter. At first glance, it seems that the person standing at the vault door is coming in, but he/she is most likely exiting the shelter. The Pip-Boy is worn by vault dwellers on the left hand. If you look at the photo, the person standing at the vault door has his/her back facing the camera and is heading outside.

Fallout Series Art
If you look closely, the Pip-Boy is worn on the left arm.

Another thing that viewers may notice is a pair of feet on the floor. The person on the left seems shocked at the scene perhaps due to the body lying on the floor. The vault dweller in the middle seems to have some sort of device on the neck which may indicate a higher standing within the shelter.

Looking closely, there is a console near the pair of legs. There are also some vault rules seen in the lower right of the frame. The vault door also seems to be disconnected from the platform the three people are standing on.

Fans have been speculating that this is one of the main scenes in the show where the protagonist steps out of the Vault for the first time. In all of the Fallout games, one of the main objectives is to escape the vault and venture out into the post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout Series Art
One of the leaked images from the set of Fallout: The Series.

Kilter Films is the company working on the Fallout: The Series. The studio is also behind the successful HBO series Westworld.

Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy will be serving as the series showrunners. The couple, who created Westworld, reportedly signed a contract worth $150 million to work on the show. Nolan, the younger brother of film director Christopher Nolan, will also be directing the first episode of the show.

Nolan and Joy will also be the executive producers of the show alongside Bethesda’s Todd Howard and James Altman.

The series has begun filming in July 2022. There is no word yet on a release date for the show.

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