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Amazon's New World has become a haven for gamblers

Gambling appears to be the true end of Amazon's newest MMO and not everyone is a fan of it.

With little else left to do, high-end players are spending New World's endgame gambling their worries away.
With little else left to do, high-end players are spending New World's endgame gambling their worries away.

New World's only been around for a little over a month and it's already achieved the kind of fame, as well as infamy, that most MMOs could only dream about. Part of the reason why New World is so popular is that Amazon Game Studios designed its first MMO to let players do whatever they want in the game. So, if you're not the PvP-oriented type, New World still has something for you. But, what Amazon probably didn't expect is that players would gamble in-game to pass the time.

How are people gambling their days away in New World?

Amazon's New World Has Become A Haven For Gamblers
It will be interesting to see if Amazon is going to do about all the gambling that's going on in New World.

New World's unprecedented amount of freedom is letting players get away with a lot. You don't necessarily even need to follow our level-up guide. There are ways in the game where you can max out your character's level without doing much fighting at all. What's even more interesting is how players have congregated in one map to try their luck.

New World players are now flocking to Windsward to place bets against each other using anything that they can think of and leaving their fate all up to the game's Dice emote. The community even has its own blacklist composed of cheaters who refuse to hold up their end of a bargain. As it turns out, there is honor among thieves. Or, in this case, gamblers.

Reddit user /u/Soracaz described in great detail how this entire phenomenon works. He adds that there's a system in place for high rollers who want to place big bets against each other. For those who'd like to bet more than 1.000 Gold, they'll have to put up the amount in the Gold section to prove that they can pay. After this, the game goes on and the one with the highest result from the game's Dice emote takes home the pot.

As you might expect, not everyone is happy with how this is all turning out. Some are worried about how some New World players could end up getting addicted. It doesn't help that Amazon hasn't fixed the game's economy yet either, which is far from healthy.

Amazon hasn't addressed the prevalent gambling in New World. The studio probably doesn't even need to. Players should have the freedom to do what they want in the game. The only circumstances that we see where Amazon would need to interfere is if they decide to use bots to gamble and cheat, which is simply unfair to those who do gamble manually for fun and as a hobby.

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