Amazon MMO New World: Trailer, Release Date, and More

When you hear the word Amazon, what do you think of?

It'll be interesting to see what Amazon Games does to make New World feel different from other MMOs.
It'll be interesting to see what Amazon Games does to make New World feel different from other MMOs.

Your answer most likely will be either the forest or the giant multi-national e-commerce platform.

What you might not know though is that Amazon is slowly trying to get a foothold into the world of gaming and they're doing so in the form of creating an MMO.

New World is Amazon Games' buy-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game that's currently in development and is set to host over 1,000 players per server, all in a setting that will reportedly mix fantasy, magic, and mythology with some real-world aesthetics based on 17th-century history.

Here's everything we know so far about the Amazon MMO.

When Will the Amazon MMO New World Release?

The all-new Amazon MMO has seen its release date move multiple times already, which is definitely not a good sign.

New World was slated for a May 2020 PC-exclusive release as per the cinematic trailer revealed at the 2019 Game Awards. However, after receiving feedback from beta testers, Amazon opted to push back the release date of the game from May 2020 to August 2020. Then, just recently, they have decided to change the release date once again.

For the nth time, Amazon Games has announced that New World will release on August 31, 2021.

Whether or not this is the final release date remains to be seen.

Is There an Amazon MMO Trailer Available?

Yes. There is.

As a matter of fact, Amazon has released videos for New World over the years. However, the only official trailer so far has only been the one that they unveiled at the 2019 Game Awards.

If the game is indeed set to launch in August 2021, expect Amazon to release another trailer in the months prior.

What’s the Amazon MMO Gameplay Like?

New World feels a lot like your standard open-world MMORPG title.

In that sense, you can pretty much do everything the game lets you. If you want, you can spend your time fighting against other players and taking control of each other's territory. But, you can also just as easily waste all of your time-fighting monsters and grinding for new gear and levels.

Players will also reportedly be able to group up and fight together in boss fights and other world events.

So, yeah, this is standard MMO stuff, which isn't half-bad, but, personally, we're worried how the Amazon MMO will try to separate itself from the rest considering that it's not exactly doing anything unheard of or new.

Will the Amazon MMO Have a Story or Plot?

The story of New World revolves around the legendary island known as Aeternum, which is full of magical minerals that can either make you more powerful and/or corrupt, as well as horrendous monstrosities and creatures.

As a player, you find yourself washed up on the island for some reason. Then, as you go exploring, you'll find that an ancient civilization had already lived on the island in the past, having left behind ancient ruins guarded by their skeletons.

From there, we really have no clue what the game's setting and the story will be about.

We reckon that villain included at the start of the trailer will play a prominent role in the game's story at launch.

Is the Amazon MMO Free-to-Play?

No. It isn't. It's a buy-to-play game.

This means that all you need to do is to make a one-time purchase -- the game currently sells for $490 for the standard edition -- but Amazon is hitting that there'll be expansions and microtransactions in the game.

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