Amazon green lights The Boys spin-off featuring college kids

The spin-off doesn't have an official title yet, but Amazon refers to the setting as "America's only college for superheroes."

The Boys has been one of Amazon Prime Video's most popular TV shows. The satirical superhero series is based on a comic book with the same name and first premiered in 2019. Since then, fans and critics alike just can't seem to get enough of the show. Because of its continued success and popularity, it was only a matter of time before The Boys branched off with spin-offs, which is what Amazon Studios recently confirmed.

The upcoming spin-off series will be the first to be set in the same universe as The Boys.
The upcoming spin-off series will be the first to be set in the same universe as The Boys.

The Boys' college spin-off is good to go

Fans are expecting a release date announcement for Season 3 of The Boys.
Fans are expecting a release date announcement for Season 3 of The Boys any day now.

The Boys' story revolves around the conflict between a privately-funded superhero team, The Seven, and a group of individuals who, for one reason or another, want to expose the ugly truth behind the Seven, The Boys.

However, if there's one thing that audiences have learned about The Boys' universe, it's that Vought International didn't just handpick the members of The Seven out of nowhere. The corrupt fictional multi-billionaire company groomed these superpowered beings from a young age.

Now, audiences will see exactly how Vought raises these superheroes with a spin-off. The untitled series will reportedly feature a college run by Vought Industries, drawing inspiration from The G-Men, an X-Men parody that exists in the comics.

Amazon Studios confirmed the news via a press release. The series creator' Eric Kripke also had a few choice descriptive words in his statement regarding the news. He likened the "as-yet-untitled series" to other spin-offs like Mork & Mindy and Baywatch Nights, which spun off from Happy Days and Baywatch, respectively.

However, there are some changes to the upcoming The Boys spin-off from Amazon's initial announcement in 2020. For example, Craig Rosenberg is no longer going to helm the series. Instead, Amazon has given the reigns to Agent Carter alums, Michele Fazekas, and Tara Butters. Although Amazon did not specify the reason for this, reports suggest that the decision was due to creative differences.

In other news, The Boys season 3 has finally wrapped up filming. Amazon has yet to announce when it is going to premiere but based on earlier statements, watchers shouldn't expect Season of The Boys to drop earlier than 2022. Although it's been a long wait, audiences know that this will all be worth it.

In the meantime, Amazon Studio has kept fans busy by dropping meta-esque news and trailers. So far, we've gotten A-Train's music video and regular updates from the Vought News Network, with a new episode from the latter dropping soon.

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