Amazon delays its MMO, New World, once again

The good news is that Amazon delayed its MMO, New World, for only a month.

Most studios would call it quits on a game that's forced to be delayed twice. However, some developers can take the hit and continue working, or are otherwise just too stubborn to know when to call it quits.

New World has been delayed for the fourth time in two years.

A good example of that is Amazon Games.

Amazon's video game subsidiary first announced New World back in 2016, along with two other titles that have been canceled. New World has now been delayed four times since it was revealed.

The latest delay comes shortly after the closed beta ended on August 3 and was announced via the game's official Twitter account.

Why did Amazon delay New World for the fourth time?

We can only hope that the fourth New World delay is the last.

The good news about New World's delay is that it's not for long. Instead of the original August 31 release date, Amazon decided to push the game's release back by a month to September 28.

As for the reason, the development team explained on Twitter, which you can read below:

As we've already mentioned, New World has been one of the most delayed games in recent memory.

Amazon initially planned to release the game in May 2020 before delaying it to August 25, 2020. After this, Amazon decided to delay the game again to spring 2021, before announcing that its release date has been moved for the third time to August 31.

At this point, we wouldn't blame you if you thought that the September 28 release date is just a placeholder that's inevitably going to be moved.

If it's any consolation, Amazon's New World isn't the only game plagued by multiple delays. Another big title from a large studio in Ubisoft's Skull & Bones only just reached its Alpha stage after being in development for a decade.

Also, Blizzard has decided to push back the release date of Diablo Immortal to early 2022, so that it can work on improving the game based on player feedback received following its latest test run.

It appears that more studios are becoming unafraid of delaying their games if it means that it gives them more time to work out all the kinks. Maybe the utter disaster that was the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 helped them in coming to this realisation.

Here's to hoping that gamers are still willing to give New World a fair chance when and if it does release on September 28.

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