Amazon and Sony are reportedly partnering for a God of War TV series

Kratos might be making his way to television sets soon if the recent rumors are to be believed.

Emboldened by the success of Uncharted at the global box office, Sony is now reportedly in talks with Amazon Prime Video for a live-action adaptation of God of War.

Given the gritty and violent nature of the God of War games, Amazon Prime Video is the ideal platform.

According to Deadline, the live-action God of War TV series will be led by Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby. The two are best known for their work on The Expanse. Joining the duo is Rafe Judkins, the executive producer of The Wheel of Time. In addition, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions will also be helping out, suggesting that this is a massive undertaking that could change the trajectory of the series going forward.

The only question now is who is going to take on the role of Kratos.

With 52 million units sold, God of War is one of Sony's best-selling franchises. But, unlike Uncharted, which, despite the high-flying set action pieces, is still very much rooted in relative reality, God of War is a fantasy franchise that initially saw Kratos make short work of the Greek pantheon for over a decade before moving to the Norse gods following the 2018 soft reboot.

With so much ground to cover, the showrunners have their work cut out for them. Do they adapt the "more grounded" soft reboot that sees Kratos go from relentless and vengeful hot-head to a father who just wants to be left alone to raise his child? Or will the show cover Kratos' exploits while he was still a soldier in the Spartan army, ultimately ending in his decision to bargain with Ares and kicking off the events of the first God of War game from 2005? The good news here is that the series already has seven installments out on the market and an eighth one coming either in June or September later this year. The wealth of source material should give the showrunners inspiration albeit they'll be faced with the unenviable task of living up to high expectations.

God of War's universe is surprisingly dense and the live-action adaptation could choose not to star Kratos at all.

After years of reluctance, Sony is becoming more open to "sharing" some of the company's most popular franchises.

As we've mentioned earlier, Uncharted was a huge box office hit with sequels effectively secured. In addition, Sony confirmed last year that a Ghost of Tsushima live-action adaptation is in the works by Chad Stahelski with Uncharted's director, Ruben Fleischer, confirming that his next project is a Jak and Daxter film. Finally, Sony recently signed off on a Twisted Metal TV series on Peacock starring Anthony Mackie, and of course, there's the HBO-exclusive The Last of Us TV show.

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