Latest AMA Reveals More Dying Light 2 Details

Just in case you missed it, the developers of Dying Light 2 have released a second "Ask Me Anything" video. In the new video, the studio answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the sequel to the 2015 parkour-based survival horror zombie game.

The latest Dying Light 2 AMA reveals more details about the story of the sequel.

Unlike the first AMA, the latest AMA video focuses more on the different factions that you'll find in the game, as well as the story, and who the characters are.

More Dying Light 2 Details Revealed

With it being a sequel, one of the first and biggest questions is if we're going to see some characters from the first Dying Light return to Dying Light 2. According to Lead Game Designer, Tymon Smektala, fans shouldn't "encounter any returning characters from the first game."

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that Dying Light 2 won't be connected with Dying Light in any way. In fact, the first's protagonist, Kyle Crane, will be mentioned in Dying Light 2. At the same time, the Global Relief Effort will also reappear in Dying Light 2, albeit as a free-roam event. But, it does make sense. After all, Dying Light 2 will be set many years after the first game and in a different part of the world.

Speaking of, Associate Producer Julia Szynkaruk also revealed that fans should expect to see more open-world events in Dying Light 2. She explains that Dying Light 2 will have a "living world with encounters all over" and that there'll be explorable locations like "Dark Places" and "GRE Quarantines."

Moving on, the AMA video also revealed details about the different factions in Dying Light 2: the Peacekeepers and the Survivors.

According to Smektala, the former is a "militaristic regime" that wants to kill all the infected in the world. On the other hand, the latter is more of a community-based society. Their goal is simply to help everyone survive and adapt to the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2.

Players can then side with either one of these two factions and receive additional traversal equipment from working closely with them.

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In addition to these two factions, Dying Light 2 will also feature an antagonistic faction known as the Renegades. However, players will sometimes find themselves having to work a deal out with the said faction. In all likelihood, this will depend on which of the Peacekeepers and Survivors you choose to align yourself with.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the second AMA video for Dying Light 2 is when Smektala answered the question which The Following ending was canon.

For those that don't know, The Following is a story expansion for the first Dying Light game. In it, Kyle Crane will find himself having to fight against a cult and its leader, who is simply known as The Mother. In any case, things happen and players can choose between two endings.

In the first ending, Crane decides to wipe Harran off of the face of the earth, taking the virus along with it by nuking the entire city. In the second ending, Crane decides to fight against The Mother. It is then revealed that she is actually a unique version of the Volatile. She is sentient and aware of her actions. The encounter then ends with Crane becoming infected after killing The Mother. Afterward, he escapes Harran. This presumably results in the virus spreading to other parts of the globe.

Many fans believe that the second ending where Crane escapes Harran and ends up infecting the rest of the world is what's considered canon.

Techland has neither confirmed nor denied which of these endings are canon. However, Smektala's answer does hint that the second ending is what's canon.

Although Smektala didn't outright confirm it, she did say that the "events that lead up to Dying Light 2 are very strongly connected to what happened in the first game". She adds that, as soon as players get a chance to play Dying Light 2, they will find out the answer to this question.

Unfortunately, the second Dying Light 2 AMA video did not reveal when the game will release. But, if it's any consolation, Techland did confirm back in March 2021 that they expect it to launch this year.

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