Survival horror progenitor, Alone in the Dark, is getting a remake

Soma and Amnesia writer will helm the reimagined version of the classic horror title for modern platforms.

Most associate the survival horror genre with the Resident Evil franchise, but the zombie-filled series didn't start it. That honor belongs to Alone in the Dark. Sadly, there is an entire generation of gamers who don't know what Alone in the Dark is and just how good the earlier games were. Thankfully, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive are working together to make sure that this is no longer the case.

Alone In The Dark Getting Remake
Hopefully, Alone in the Dark comes out in time for the Halloween season.

Just days after rumors of an Alone in the Dark remake started swirling on the internet, THQ Nordic confirmed at the recent Embracer Media showcase that Pieces Interactive is working on a "reimagination" of the original game.

Alone In The Dark Getting Remake
Frequent Guillermo Del Toro collaborator is responsible for Alone in the Dark's art design.

Just like in the original 1992 game, the remake of Alone in the Dark is set in the Derceto Manor in Louisiana. But, unlike before, the place is actually a mental health clinic located in the countryside. The remake will bring back the original characters, Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby. The NPCs will reportedly react to each character differently. To add further immersion, Pieces will restrict certain areas based on your character of choice as well. This guarantees that players will have to play Alone in the Dark at least twice to piece everything out, especially as to how and why the mysterious Jeremy Hartwood is alive in this re-telling of the classic tale.

Of course, since this is a survival horror game we're talking about, Alone in the Dark will feature its fair share of combat against ghastly creatures on top of puzzle solving.

Also, Pieces gave a very timely nod to Playable Tease, more commonly known as P.T, with a demo of the Alone in the Dark remake titled "Grace in the Dark" that will be at Gamescom 2022. Don't expect to see part of the teaser in the final game. According to Pieces, the PT is a prequel featuring Grace from Alone in the Dark 2. Thus, it is separate from the base title. Pieces did not clarify if this teaser will be available to the general public or if it will be repackaged as DLC content for Alone in the Dark in the future.

Alone In The Dark Getting Remake
Hopefully, Pieces Interactive can do one of its first large projects justice.

Unfortunately, Pieces did not confirm when Alone in the Dark will come out. It also appears that the studio isn't working on old-gen versions of Alone in the Dark, all but guaranteeing that the upcoming remake will look as horrifying as can be on the Xbox Series S/X, PS5, and the PC.

With Mikael Hedberg in tow, we can at least expect the new Alone in the Dark to honor the original games if not further the franchise. The very-familiar name is responsible for leading the script for other "modern" horror icons such as Soma and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Speaking of Resident Evil, fans can look forward to the arrival of the first major DLC for Resident Evil Village, which launches on October 28. In addition to this, Capcom confirmed earlier this year that the long-rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming out on March 24.

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