All treasure maps and locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has several treasure maps that lead to valuable in-game rewards. Here's how you can get them all.

Cursed Tomb Treasure

This one is in the huge Manor located in the Manor Cape region.

If you have already unlocked it, you can use the West Manor Cape floo flame to travel to the manor quickly.

Go to the main entrance where the Ancient Magic Hotspot is.

You don't have to do the Ancient Magic Hotspot to access the underground.

Enter through the main doorway and go left.

Go through the broken wall to the left.

You will come across some stairs. Go down until you find a level 3 lock.

You ned to complete The Caretaker's Lunar Lament quest to access the level 3 Alohomora spell.

Unlock the door and keep going forward. You will encounter many Inferi and an infamous Ashwinder foe called Ailsa Travers. So be careful when down there and prepare for a duel.

Infamous foe Ailsa Travers in the room with the chest containing the treasure map.

After defeating the enemies, look to your right, where Ailsa Travers spawns. You will find a chest with a treasure map.

You will also find Photine's First Note in here.
Treasure map with the clues to get the treasure.

Next, fast travel to the Tomb of Treachery floo flame on Poidsear Coast.

If you haven't unlocked the floo flame, simply fly there using your broom.

Enter the Tomb of Treachery and keep going forward until you come across an open room with a tomb in the middle and Photine's Second Note.

Open room with a tomb in the middle and Photine's Second Note.

From here, look to your left and clear the spider web using Confringo or Incendio.

After clearing, crawl through the space.

Once through, you will find another locked door and a bunch of spiders.

Clear out all the spiders in this room.

Now, go to the room to your right, and you will find a mechanical fly.

Cast Lumos, and the fly will follow you.

Return the bug to the locked door and turn off the light on your wand.

The fly will go into one of the three fly slots.

Go back to the same room, and you will find another crane fly behind some spider web.

Use Incendio or Confringo to clear the web.
Return the second bug back to the locked door as well.

Now, go to the room to your left. But first, clear the web using Incendio or Confringo spell.

Path to the left blocked by spider webs.

You will need to get up on an elevated surface. You will find a wooden box to your left which will also be resting behind some spider webs.

Clear the spider webs using Confringo or Incendio to gain access to the wooden box.

Use the Wingardium Leviosa spell (or cast and hold Acio on the box, which converts into Wingardium Leviosa) to bring the box near the elevated surface and place it there.

Climb the box to reach the elevated surface and get the third bug.

Bring the final bug back to the locked door, which will unlock it.

Third slot filled with the final mechanical bug.

Once you're inside, you will be welcomed by a number of Inferi. Take them out before you proceed with the puzzle-solving.

Equip the Flipendo spell.

Now, open the treasure map you got from the Manor's chest. You will notice that the pattern shown at the bottom left also has a Flipendo spell icon on the left side. You will find a similar pattern on the floor in this new room you just entered. You must match the floor pattern with the one on the treasure map.

Simply use Flipendo spell to flip the relevant tiles and get the matching pattern.

If done correctly, a chest will emerge out of the ground that contains the Treasure-Seeker's Attire.

Chest with the treasure emerges out of the ground.

The Hippogriff Marks The Spot

Fast travel to the Poidear Castle floo flame in the Poidsear Coast region.

You will find The Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest at the castle.

You will find plenty of poachers here. Defeat them and retrieve the rolled parchment from the table at their campsite.

The rolled parchment on the table at the campsite.
The rolled parchment is a treasure map that shows you the clues needed to get the next treasure.

Next, go to Henrietta's Hideaway, located in the southern section of the Manor Cape region.

Henrietta's Hideaway location on the map.

From the main courtyard of the building, look to your right, and you will find a small pathway that leads to the side of the building.

Pathway leading to the side of the building.

Keep going, and you will come across a door that takes you inside Henrietta's Hideaway.

Secret entrance to Henrietta's Hideaway.

Go inside and keep progressing until you find an open room with two platforms and a cube on one of the platforms.

Puzzle room with the cube and the platforms.

You will find a statue to your left with a brazier at the base. Use Incendio or Confringo to light it up.

The statue will rotate, revealing the second cube needed to solve the puzzle in this room.

Use Wingardium Leviosa to pick up the cube and bring it on top of the second matching platform in the middle of the room.

Bring it to the second platform in the middle of the room.

Now, use Incendio on the cube with the Incendio spell icon (left) and Glacius on the cube with the Glacius spell icon (right).

If done correctly, the wall ahead of you will reveal a door that you can go through.

Go through the door and fight off the Ashwinders, including an executioner.

You will notice that the Hippogriff statue in the middle of the room resembles the statue on the treasure map.

You need to light up the braziers around the statue to match the pattern on the treasure map to get your treasure.

You can use Glacius spell to extinguish all the lit braziers and use Confringo to light them up individually.

Note that Incendio won't work here, as it has a large area of effect. It will end up lighting multiple braziers that are not needed.
Correct pattern according to the treasure map.

Once the braziers are lit as per the pattern shown in the treasure map, the wall behind the statue will disappear, revealing a chest.

Open the chest to get Treasure-Seeker's Gloves.

Solved by the Bell

Now, the next treasure map is also inside Henrietta's Hideaway. Continue going deeper into the dungeon.

You will encounter a pathway that "sucks" you in and throws you back out just before the pathway.

You can counter this path by applying the Arresto Momentum spell on the path ahead of you.

Cast Arresto Momentum on the highlighted area. This will stop it from shifting you quickly into the wall.

Continue going forward until you come across another open area with a number of Ashwinders. Defeat them all before proceeding.

Open area with a lot of Ashwinder enemies.

In this open room, you can see the map marked as a side quest through the wall.

Secret wall entrance.

Walk up to the wall to your right, and it will open up.

Wall opening up to reveal a secret room.

As soon as you're in, you will find the Musical Map on the table to your left.

Musical Map on the table to your left inside the secret room.
This map shows some notes and the order you must play them at another destination.

Next, go to the Clagmar Castle in the Clagmar Coast region.

Clagmar Castle location on the map.

You will find multiple strong enemies here, including an infamous foe named Silvanus Selwyn.

Defeat them all.

Once you've defeated Silvanus, you will find a set of bells on the wall nearby.

The bells at the Clagmar Castle.

You need to hit these bells in a certain order for them to play the classic Harry Potter theme. Follow the following order to successfully complete this puzzle.

The correct sequence in which you need to hit the bells with any spell type.

If done correctly, a chest containing Treasure-Seeker's Longcoat will drop to your left.

The chest will be dropped automatically once you hit the bells in the correct order.

Rowland Oake’s Map

This one is not exactly a "treasure" map but more of a direction to reach Rowland Oakes as part of the side quest called The Tale of Rowland Oakes. To start the quest, head over to the Transfiguration Courtyard in the Astronomy Wing.

Transfiguration Courtyard location on the map.

You will find Adelaide Oakes in the courtyard.

Talk to her to start the side quest.

You will be tasked to go look for the clues at a campsite to find the clues about Rowland Oake's whereabouts.

You will find his journal and a map at the campsite.
The map will show the location where Rowland Oakes has been taken, hostage.

All you need to do is go further south to Korrow Ruins. There is a Korrow Ruins floo flame and a bandit camp castle.

The location of the Goblin outpost where the map leads to.

Fly on your broom to reach the top of the goblin outpost, and you will find an entrance to enter the castle and continue your quest.

The entrance to the keep. Head inside to continue your quest and rescue Rowland Oakes.

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