All Tarot Cards Locations In Cyberpunk 2077

There are 20 Tarot Cards scattered around the Night City. These Tarot Cards are present in the form of graffiti or mural on the walls that you can "collect." Collecting these Tarot Cards is part of the side job called 'Fool On The Hill' and to get the 'The Wandering Fool' achievement.

The 'Fool On The Hill' side job is automatically started once you collect your first card. You can either get close enough to the wall to interact with it or use your scanner to scan the graffiti to be considered as "collected."

The cards are automatically marked on your map as you progress through the story and can be collected even after you finish the main storyline. The game puts you back to the 'point of no return' after completing the final mission. You can identify these murals through their static interference. They will appear glitched out on the walls.

Once you've collected all 20 cards, you can return to Misty to complete the 'Fool On The Hill' side job and check it off in your journal.

The number of cards available in each district is as follows:

  • Watson: 8 Tarot Cards
  • Westbrook: 4 Tarot Cards
  • Heywood: 2 Tarot Cards
  • Santo Domingo: 2 Tarot Cards
  • Badlands: 2 Tarot Cards
  • City Center: 1 Tarot Card
  • Pacifica: 1 Tarot Card

Two more secret cards are associated with different story ending, these cards are the Judgment and The Devil cards. Read on to learn more about these cards below.

Watson District

#1 - Hanged Man

This card is found just outside of Watson. It will be north of Watson, in the Northern Oilfields, on the side of a water tower located in the oilfields.

#2 - The Emperor

You can find this card on the left side of the wall at Konpeki Plaza's entrance located at the Arasaka Waterfront in Watson.

#3 - The Magician

The Magician graffiti is found on a pillar supporting a bridge opposite of Lizzie's Bar in Kabuki.

#4 - The Sun

It will be on the wall next to the tunnel/underpass in Little China.

#5 - The Fool

This one is the easiest to find. You can find The Fool graffiti right outside V's apartment in Little China. The graffiti is on the right side of the entrance door.

#6 - The World

The World is found on a balcony at Misty's workplace in Little China.

#7 - The Chariot

The Chariot is found on the wall next to Tom's Diner in Little China.

#8 - The Empress

The Empress is at the bottom of the stairs just before entering the Afterlife bar in Little China.

Westbrook District

#9 - The Hierophant

The Hierophant is right next to the white gate, located close to where V and Takemura meet Oda in Japantown.

#10 - The Lovers

This one is found at the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theater located in North Oak. It'll be behind the big screen. You need to get inside by typing in the access code 0000.

#11 - The Moon

It is on the wall (left side) by the entrance of Hanako Arasaka's house in North Oak.

#12 - Temperance

Temperance is found on one of the walls at the Columbarium located in North Oak.


#13 - The High Priestess

You can find the mural on the wall inside Takemura's safe house on the top floor in Vista Del Ray.

#14 - Death

This mural is found on the side of the tall Embers building in The Glen, where you meet Hanako Arasaka. Do not make the mistake of going inside (when you get the chance later in the story, of course), as it will be your point of no return. The card is not on top of the building but just outside on the side of it.

Santo Domingo

#15 - Justice

Justice is found on a huge tank just opposite of the Electric Corporation power plant located in Arroyo.

#16 - Strength

This location will be familiar if you've already met Panam, as this is where you first meet her in Rancho Coronado. The tarot mural is on the sidewall of the small building, which is right by the road.


#17 - The Star

This mural is on the wall of a small building at the base of the radio tower in the Badlands in the southern desert area.

#18 - The Wheel of Fortune

This mural is on the wall between apartment number 103 and 104 under the Sunset hotel sign in the eastern wastelands.

City Center

#19 - The Tower

You will find this mural on a wall of a walkway underneath Arasaka Tower in Corpo Plaza.


#20 - The Hermit

This mural will be on the Voodoo Boys' chapel's right side wall in West Wind Estate.

The Reward

After collecting all 20 tarot cards, you can return to Misty and give her the tarot cards.

You will get Misty's Dreamcatcher as a reward.

You can hang this Dreamcatcher above the bed in V's apartment.

As mentioned before, you also get an achievement (or trophy) for collecting all 20 cards. Note that the story related cards are not needed for this achievement.

Secret Story Tarot Cards

There are two more secret tarot cards that are story related and that can be obtained by following two different endings. These two cards are called Judgment and The Devil, as told by Misty upon returning the above 20 tarot cards.

There are six endings for Cyberpunk 2077, and you can obtain these two cards through two specific endings.

  • Judgement: You can get the Judgment card by collecting it in the arena where you fight Adam Smasher (the final boss). It will be on one of the retractable pillars. But, it has to be the ending you get through Rogue's Plan, or else it won't show up.

  • The Devil: This one is acquired when you break the Rubik's Cube in the prologue when V is getting tested. This is possible if you choose to go with the ending that involves accepting Hanako's offer.

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