All The Standing Stones Locations in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Standing Stones are locations where players can increase their Power Level, since each location rewards Skill Points, without providing Experience Points. You are given the Skill Points directly.

Discovering the location of a Standing Stone, though, will net you some XP. This will also get you closer to completing regional Mysteries, as a natural occurrence in discovering the areas. These Standing Stones are marked on the maps with an icon that looks like a trident.

The Standing Stones mark on the map looks like this

The Standing Stones require that you be positioned at a certain angle in relation to them, in order to discover the glowing pattern. You must stand in an exact location to get the correct angle. There are a total of 12 Standing Stones in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Below is the guide on how to solve and find each of these locations.

Standing Stone #1 - Ledescetrescire

Once you reach the stone arch, you'll find yourself in front of the standing stones and need to manipulate your camera to the right until you see the three circles locking.

Standing Stone #2 - Grantebridgescire

Climb the tree to get the pattern right

Start with using your Odin Sight in order to see the marks on the stones. Climb the tree outside the circle of stones and move your camera until you see the sign as shown above.

Standing Stone #3 - East Anglia

Remember to crouch to get this right

All you have to do is to face the tree and squat down. Try to join the patterns with your camera to complete the circular design as shown above.

Standing Stones #4 - Sciropsecire

Climb the cliff for the perfect view

Use Odin's Sight after reading the inscription on the middle stone. You should see patterns appear on the stones. Line them up in your vision by going up the cliff so that you can look at the pattern from above.

Standing Stones #5 - Cent

You need to squat down to see this pattern

First, read the marking on the middle stone. This will give you the proper pattern to look at. Second, use Odin's Sight to reveal the marking on these standing stones. Finally, line them up in the camera until you are able to connect the pattern. Remember that you have to squat down to have the perfect view.

Standing Stones #6 - Eurviscire

Break the ice first and go down

You must break the ice first so that the pit will open up. Walk into the pit so that you have the correct angle looking up the standing stones.

Standing Stones #7 - Glowecestrescire

This is the first mystery in Glowecestrescire. Head east of this region to discover the standing stones. Interact with the rock found in the middle of the area. Once you have the visual of what symbol you should capture, go to the south of the standing stones. Look back from where you came from. You will find the pattern scribbling over the stones. Aim your camera until the symbol is perfectly aligned.

Look back and find the right angle

Standing Stones #8 - South-East of Glowecestrescire

You are on a boat for this pattern

Interact with the boulder in the center so that you can see what shape you are aiming for. Run towards the river until you find an empty boat. Climb up into the boat and use the oar. This particular angle is difficult to capture since you are at the mercy of your boat. Just practice until you can position yourself at an angle, approximately five meters away from the shore and in front of the stone. Stand in your boat when you are at the right angle so that you can take a view of the pattern.

Standing Stones #9 - Snotinghamscire

These particular standing stones are embedded within a cliff that wraps around them. Just interact with the stone in the middle of the standing stones so that you will have an idea of what shape you are going to capture.

Looking at the bottom of the cliff, there are ice walls that you can break. Simply attack them and they will break. The opening on the left will get you to the cave. Turn around and position yourself halfway through the cave. Walk around until the camera stabilizes. Move the camera to position it correctly and form the pattern.

Standing Stones #10 -Aescforda Stones

Don't forget to break the ice first

Found in the middle of Snotinghamscire, these standing stones are difficult to complete. First, you must hop on the floating ice on the left so that you can look at the inscription for the pattern. Second, you need to destroy the ice that blocks your view of the standing stones. Just jump to the next platform beside the ice block and swing your weapon. Finally, go back to where you came from and take a look at that pattern.

Standing Stones #11 - Hamntuscire

Climb up the stone to get the view

Found in the center of Hamtunscire, this is one of the easiest to complete. All you must do is interact with the stone found in the middle of the area to get the pattern you need to recreate. Go north-west and find the standing stones. Follow the position above to get it.

Standing Stones #12 - Vinland

Climb the middle pillar for these final standing stones

The boulder platform in the middle must be moved first until it does not cover any part of the patterns. Climb the highest pillar in the middle and you will finally get the last standing stones.

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