All Perk Machine Locations On Mauer Der Toten - Cold War Zombies

Navigating Mauer Der Toten can be daunting for new zombies' players. The dark tunnels and narrow building hallways can be overwhelming and a bit confusing to get around.

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Fear not though, in this guide we will walk you through the locations of all the perk machines in Mauer Der Toten, including the Der Wunderfizz perk machine. Feel free to check out our video guide that shows the locations of all the perk machines too.

The following guide continues assuming you've already turned on the power. If you haven't already, take a look at our complete guide on how to turn on the power and activate the pack-a-punch machine here.

Video Guide

Tombstone Soda

The Tombstone Soda perk machine is available right at spawn. When you spawn at the Apartment Rooftop, go down through the broken roof to enter 5th Floor Apartments, run to the end of the hallway, and through the broken wall. The perk machine is to your immediate right.

Quick Revive

Go back up to the Apartment Rooftop and use the Western zipline to reach the Destroyed Penthouse. The Quick Revive is at the top of the destroyed penthouse building.


Go back to the Apartment Rooftop using the same zip line and head back to the 5th Floor Apartments where the Tombstone Soda perk machine is located. There is a zipline near the perk machine that takes you directly to Hotel Room 301. Leave the room, run towards the end of the Hotel Hallway and go right to find the Stamin-Up perk machine in the Hotel Lounge.

Speed Cola

Run past the Stamin-Up perk machine and turn left at the end of the Hotel Hallway to reach the Korber Rooftop. Walk up to the stairs and turn left to find the Speed Cola perk machine next to a zombie barrier.


Circle back down to the stairs you came from but instead of entering back into the hotel, turn right towards the stairs indicated by a purple arrow. You will enter the Garment Factory. Continue following the purple power arrow to go through the Factory Stairways to reach the Alley.

Exiting the Alley will land you into the streets of East Berlin. Continue running past the vehicles, and you will find a bar to your right with the Jugger-Nog perk machine inside.

Mule Kick

Run past the Jugger-Nog perk machine and you will exit the bar on the other side of the street. Turn left and run past the truck to find a subway station entrance. Go down to reach the Ghost Station.

Cross the train tracks to reach the other platform. The Mule Kick perk machine is on this platform.

Elemental Pop

Turn right after Mule Kick to enter the Switch Control Room. Continue moving forward through the broken wall to reach the Maintenance Tunnel and turn left. You will now be in the Power Room where the Elemental Pop perk machine is.

Deadshot Daquiri

Exit the Power Room via Sewer Access and go to the northeastern corner of the Sewer Access to reach the Ghost Station. Climb up the platform and you will enter the Service Passage housing Deadshot Daquiri perk machine.

Der Wunderfizz

Continue moving forward through the Service Passage to find a yellow ladder at the end of it. This ladder takes you back to the Easter Berline Streets. Go back to the Ghost Station using the subway to reach the Maintenance Tunnel again, just past the Mule Kick machine.

This time, instead of going left towards the Power Room, go right. You will find a door to your left that leads to the Safe House. A rope at the end of the Safe House can be used to rappel up to West Berline Street.

You will find the Trial Computer to the right and another rope hanging by the Department Store building directly to the Trial Computer's right.

Use it to rappel up to the room with the Der Wunderfizz perk machine.

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