All Perk Machine Locations On Firebase Z

All the perks found in Die Maschine return in the new Firebase Z map, with one of the classics making an appearance too - The Tombstone Soda perk. You can buy all the perks via their respective perk machines except Elemental Pop and Deadshot Daquiri. You can buy these two perks from the Wunderfizz Perk Machine.

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In this guide, we will show you the locations of all the perk machines on Firebase Z.

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Der WunderFizz

The Wunderfizz perk machine is located in the Atrium at spawn. Go to the Village Mess Hall, which is the hall to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine. You will find it in there.

Quick Revive

Quick Revive is also at spawn. You can find it in the Courtyard directly in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine but across the street. Go through the small archway, and the Quick Revive machine will be there by the wall.

Tombstone Soda

The next perk is found when you teleport to Firebase Z using the teleporter in the balcony. This one is not difficult to find because you will see the Tombstone Soda perk sitting right there in the main central area of Firebase. You will find the Tombstone Soda perk machine in the Helipad area of Firebase.


Stamin-Up perk can be found on the first floor of the Mission Control room, accessed directly via the left-most gate in the Helipad area of Firebase. The Mission Control room is the same as one of the three Aether Reactors.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola machine is found in the Data Center building. This is also one of the buildings housing the Aether Reactor. This is the building with huge stairs in the middle of the building. You can reach this by opening the middle gate in the Helipad area and going past the Barracks.

When you cross the Barracks, turn right and go upstairs to reach the Data Center building's locked door. Enter, and you will find the Speed Cola perk machine.


Jugger-Nog is found in the Military Command area. Specifically in the Control Room of the Military Command area. You can access this by opening the right-most gate in the Helipad area. Then you just need to follow the purple arrow and go to the Aether reactor area. You will find the Jugger-Nog just past the Aether Reactor section of the area.

Elemental Pop & Deadshot Daquiri

As mentioned before, there are no machines for these perks on this map. But, you can buy these perks via the Wunderfizz perk machine.

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