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If navigating Mauer Der Toten's dark tunnels wasn't confusing enough, we've got Forsaken connecting several parts of the map through portals. This can make finding the perk machines confusing, especially when the map contains all ten perk machines.

Forsaken is the only map with all ten perk machines. In this guide, we've listed the locations of all the perk machines, including the Der Wunderfizz perk machine. Feel free to check out our video guide as well.

The guide continues assuming you've already turned on the power and the pack-a-punch machine. If you haven't already, feel free to check out our complete guide on how to turn on the power in Forsaken.

Video Guide

Death Perception

Death perception is found in the northeastern corner of the spawn area, which is the Staging Area.


Jugger-Nog is found in the checkpoint area when you first go through the portal in the Staging Area. The perk machine is by the stairs.


The Stamin-Up perk machine is inside the Beach Pizza restaurant on Main Street just after the checkpoint area.

Quick Revive

Quick revive is in the Storage Zone 5. It is the building across the street from the Beach Pizza on Main Street.

Tombstone Soda

Tombstone soda perk machine is at the end of the Main Street right next to the Storage Zone 5 entrance door. The perk machine is by the Pin Ball building.

Speed Cola

Speed cola perk machine is located on Anytown Rooftops. It is the rooftop connecting with the Video Store Rooftop when you teleport through the Main Street. portal to reach the Video Store Rooftop.

Mule Kick

Mule kick perk machine is inside the video store.

Elemental Pop

Elemental pop is inside Burger Town restaurant at Anytown East.

Deadshot Daquiri

Deadshot daquiri is inside the bar across the street from Burger Town.

PHD Slider

PHD slider perk machine is found in the Observation Tower where the pack-a-punch machine is.

Der Wunderfizz

Der wunderfizz perk machine is inside the Board Room Office located in the Bunker. The door to the Board Room only opens up once you've turned on the power.

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