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Forsaken is the final round-based zombies' map in Black Ops Cold War and concludes the first chapter of the new Dark Aether story with a fantastic twist. It also contains 36 new intel spread across the map for you to collect. Some can be collected whenever you want, and others have specific requirements to collect them.

all intel locations Forsaken featured

Certain intel can only be obtained by killing elite zombies such as the Abomination, Krasny Soldat, & Tempests. You can also collect Intel by doing the trials from the trial computer in the observation tower.

The Intel helps you understand the Dark Aether story in detail from the perspective of the four central "teams" involved in the story: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether. Below, we have listed the locations of all the Intel and how you can obtain them.

Forsaken was introduced in Season 6 of Cold War. We will update the article with more Intel in case any more are added in the future seasons. Although we highly doubt that as Season 6 is the final season for Cold War, the following seasons will start in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

If you haven't already collected the Intel on other maps such as Firebase Z, Die Maschine, and Mauer Der Toten, then feel free to check out our guides for all the Intel locations. Don't forget to collect the Intel on Outbreak too.

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Season 6



  • The Chyrsalax: The Chrysalax is a new Wonder Weapon added in Forsaken. The weapon can be acquired through various means such as doing trials, hitting the mystery box, or by completing the free Wonder Weapon easter egg. When you pick up the Chrysalax, it will be added as an artifact.

  • Monitoring Device: The monitoring device is used to build the Aetherium Neutralizer as part of the main easter egg quest. It is acquired during the arcade step of the main easter egg quest.

  • Fuel Tank: The Fuel Tank is acquired during the fuel processing step as part of the main easter egg quest.

  • Housing Unit: The housing unit is acquired by luring the Abomination into charging a wall, resulting in the housing unit dropping to the ground for you to pick up. Feel free to check out our detailed guide on how to acquire the housing unit effectively.

  • Aetherium Neutralizer: You need to build the Aetherium Neutralizer at the workbench once you've collected all the parts for it as part of the main easter egg quest.

Audio Logs

  • "The Zakarpatska Oblast": The audio log is on a crate by the truck at spawn (staging area).

  • "For Health": The audio log is on the table inside the bar next to burger town on the easter part of Anytown.

  • "Russian To Russian": On the floor next to the desks inside the office of the bunker just past the board room.

  • "Symbiotic Relationship": This audio log is on a cable roll located on the storage zone rooftops on the main street. The audio log won't be there when you first go to it.

    You need to destroy the large purple crystal on the roof next to it as part of the main easter egg quest. You can destroy the crystal using the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. The details of this particular step can be found on our complete main quest easter egg guide here.

    Once you've destroyed the crystal, the audio log will appear.


The documents can be acquired by killing elite zombies such as the Tempests, Mimics, Abomination, Manglers, and the Disciples.

The best way to go about this is to shoot one of the floating orbs around the purple crystals that spawn after the initiation of the easter egg intro cutscene.

When you shoot the orb, a lot of zombies spawn, including several elite zombies. You can kill the elite, and they will drop the documents.

As always, on a round-based map like this one, you can only get one document per game.

The following are the six new Requiem documents you can collect on Forsaken:

  • Collapse Report
  • Requiem Neutralizer Report
  • Ancient Parchment
  • Ancient Parchment 2
  • Memorandum For The Board
  • Progress Report


Audio Logs

  • "Deva Vu": The audio log is on the ground by the small security cabin in the checkpoint area right after you teleport using the teleporter in the staging area (spawn).

  • "The Magnificent Two": The audio log is resting by the wall on the ground to the left of the broken teleporter in the fuel processing area.

  • "Fully Operational": It is in the amplifier room located inside the bunker. The audio log is on the elevated platform overlooking the teleporter to the observation tower.

  • "The Agreement": This audio log only spawns once you've acquired the monitoring device by destroying the ARC-XD car deployed from the Grand Prix arcade machine as part of the main quest easter egg. It spawns on the counter of the TV store. At first, it won't be there.

    Once you've destroyed the ARC-XD by going through the vent, the monitoring device will be available for you to pick up, along with the new audio log on the counter.

  • Documents

    There are nine new Omega documents you can collect by eliminating the elite zombies in Forsaken. The documents are as follows:

    • ARC-XD Blueprint
    • Operatsiya Izbavitel Approval
    • Test Site Construction Blueprint
    • Anton Note
    • Containment Chamber Blueprint
    • Order of Operations
    • Aetherium Gun Turret Blueprint
    • Location Targets
    • Forsaken Photograph


    Audio Logs

    • "My Orders": The audio log is inside the beach pizza restaurant. It is on a wooden shelter above the counter.

      You must shoot it in order for it to drop down and then collect it.

    • "My Control": The audio log is found on a horror category shelf inside the video store.

    • "My Choice": This audio log spawns after you've built the free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. The audio log spawns on the ground by the tub containing the aether liquid in the particle accelerator room in the bunker. Initially, it will not be there.

      Once you've completed the free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon easter egg, it will spawn on the ground, and you can collect it.


    There is only one Maxis document in Forsaken and it is as follows:

    • Maxis Approval Memo

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