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The Dark Aether story continues to flourish as we jump into Firebase Z. Just like Die Maschine, Firebase Z also holds numerous Intel spread around the map that you can collect in the form of audio logs, documents, radio transmissions, and artifacts.

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Some of these Intel have fixed locations, while some can only be obtained by killing the elite zombies such as the Russian Mangler or the Mimics. You can also collect some Intel by doing the trials from the trial computer located in the Helipad area at the Outpost.

The Intel helps you understand the Dark Aether story in detail from the perspective of the four central "teams" involved in the story: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether. Below, we have listed the locations of all the Intel and how you can obtain them.

Unlike Die Maschine, we only have one category of the Intel, and that is the Season 1 Intel, since the Firebase Z map was added during Season 1. This article will be updated in case more Intel are added in the future.

Season 1


Audio Logs

There are three Requiem audio logs on Firebase Z.

  • "They Took Her": This audio log is at spawn village on a bench above pack-a-punch machine. Go up the stairs, and you will see it on the bench by the barrier.
  • "Ravenov": This audio log is found on the Data Center's bottom floor on one of the tables by the barrier. It'll be in the outer ring where the barriers are.
  • "Meeting Of Minds": This audio log is under a desk by the barrier as you enter the Military Command area via the Motor Pool entrance.


There are four artifacts for Requiem. You can obtain all four artifacts as you go through the main easter egg of Firebase Z. Feel free to check out our complete in-depth guide on how you can complete the main easter egg (Orda) solo.

  • RAI K-84 Blueprint: The RAI K-84 blueprint is found in the Weapon Lab on the wall. It'll have a yellow highlighting border around it, so you can't miss it. You can also check out our free RAI K-84 wonder weapon easter egg guide, where you will be picking up this blueprint as well.
  • Weapon Trial Folder: You can find the Weapon Trial Folder beside Kuhlklay's body when doing the RAI K-84 wonder weapon easter egg. The body is located next to a crashed tank on the right-most side of the Scorched Defense next to Mission Control.
  • Kuhlklay's Diary: You can get this artifact from one of the locked lockers inside the Barracks that you open using the locker key as part of the main easter egg quest for the RAI K-84 wonder weapon.
  • RAI K-84 Prototype: This will automatically be added once you get the RAI K-84 wonder weapon on Firebase Z. You can get the weapon either by completing the RAI K-84 side easter egg, doing trials or by spinning the mystery box.


There are four Requiem documents that you can collect by killing the elite zombies, specifically, the Mimics. Whenever you kill a Mimic, there is a chance for it to drop an Intel document.

The image below shows how the documents look when dropped after killing a Mimic.

The following is a list of all the documents that you can get for Requiem:

  • Outbreak Zones Timeline
  • Requiuem Formation Memo
  • Requiem Staffing Announcement
  • C Cipher

Note that you can also get the C Cipher by doing the Safe Easter Egg.

Radio Transmissions

The Radio Transmissions for Requiem on Firebase Z can be collected on the second floor of the Data Center on a desk computer desk by the ammo cache.

There are a total of twelve Radio Transmissions for Requiem and you can only collect once per game. Just visit the radio in every game. Collect the Intel once and restart to collect the next one. The following is a list of all twelve Radio Transmissions for Requiem:

  • Omega's Adventure
  • This is Personal
  • Peck
  • Between us
  • W.A.N.D
  • The Stick
  • Blacksmiths and Architects
  • Not Unlike Oxygen
  • A Storied Career
  • The Thick of It
  • Transformative Properties
  • Genetic Secrets


Audio Logs

There are a total of eight Audio Logs for Requiem on Firebase Z.

  • "Aethernauts": This Audio Log is found under a desk in the middle of the Planning Offices room.
  • "Let It Ride": This can be found in the Engineering area below the Planning Offices. The Engineering area directly under the OPC dome, to be precise. The audio log will be on a ceiling pipe. You can jump and collect it.
  • "Outpost 25 Has Fallen": this audio log is on a desk next to a window in the Mission Control next to the collection unit, which is on the second floor by the exit leading directly to the OPC dome.
  • "Dimensional Fertility": This audio log is in the Scorched Defense area on the roof of the small bunker with the Sentry Turret. It is the far left Sentry Turret bunker. The audio log will be resting on a wooden crate.
  • "Gorev": This Intel is under a desk with several monitors inside the Colonel's Office in the Military Command area.
  • "The Anatomy Lesson": This audio log is in the Field Hospital past the Barracks. You will find the audio log by the desk next to some lab coveralls.
  • "Kuhlklay's Payback": You can find this audio log on a shelf in the Weapon Lab next to the RAI K-84 blueprint.
  • "To Dust You Will Return": This audio log can only be obtained after you open the OPC dome as part of the main easter egg on Firebase Z. Feel free to check out our complete guide on how to complete the main easter egg on Firebase Z.

    You can find the audio log to your immediate left on the ground as soon as you enter the OPC dome.


You can collect five artifacts for Omega on Firebase Z. All these artifacts are found as part of the main easter egg. If you complete the main easter egg, you will automatically collect these artifacts along that.

  • Kuhlklay's Eye: You can find Kuhlklay's Eye by gauging it out of his body which is next to a crashed tank in the Scorched Defense area next to the Mission Control. This is the exact same location where you also get the 'Weapon Trial Folder.' The folder is on the floor next to Kuhlklay's body.
  • Ravenov ID Badge: You get Ravenov's ID Badge during the main easter egg's truth serum step when he asks you to use his ID to open up locked lockers to obtain the compounds for the serum.
  • Agent Delivery System: You get the Agent Delivery System after mixing the compounds in the mixer found in the Field Hospital as part of the main easter egg. You transfer the serum components inside the Agent Delivery System, after which you can pick it up. Once you pick it up, it will be added as an artifact.
  • Essence Trap: Essence trap is acquired after using the truth serum on Dr. Peck as part of the main easter egg. Dr. Peck will ask you to go to the Data Center to find more information on retrieving Samantha Maxis back. In the Data Center, you will find the Memory Transference Station. When you unlock it, you will be able to pick up the essence trap to further progress into the main easter egg storyline.
  • Aethermeter: Aethermeter is acquired from a locked cabinet outside Dr. Peck's room in Mission Control. It will automatically be available to open after reaching the Aetherium Crystals step of the main easter egg.


There are six Omega documents that you can collect by killing the Mimics. Whenever you kill a Mimic, there is a chance for it to drop an Intel document.

The following is a list of all the Omega documents:

  • Authorizatoin to Conscript
  • Omega Teleporter Blueprint
  • Aetherium Production Report
  • Specimen K7-1924
  • P Cipher

Radio Transmissions

You can collect the Omega Radio Transmissions using the radio inside Peck's Quarters at spawn village. It will be on the second floor in the small room to the left as soon as you reach upstairs using the stairs next to the pack-a-punch machine. The radio will be on a cabinet next to an open window.

There are a total of four Omega Radio Transmissions that you can collect, but only once per game. This means you will need to play a total of four games to collect all the Omega Radio Transmissions.

  • Good Little Lemmings
  • Not Built To Last
  • Do Try To Stay Alive
  • Gorev's Disappointment


Audio Logs

There are a total of two Audio Logs for Maxis on Firebase Z.

  • "Not Who We Are": You can find this Intel inside Scientist's Quarters. Make sure you turn on the power first to access the area. You will find a small tape player on sort of an "attic ledge."

    Once you shoot it down, go downstairs and it will be on the floor next to the Arsenal stand.
  • "Workers Of The Worlds": You will find this audio log in the Equipment Storage building on a small shelf next to the barrier.
  • "Worse Than Baton Rogue": Similar to Kuhlklay's Diary, this Intel is also found in one of the locked lockers inside the Barracks when doing the RAI K-84 wonder weapon side easter egg step. Note that you will need to pick it up from the locker manually. It will not be added as an Intel automatically like Kuhlkay's Diary upon opening the locker. So, there is a high chance for you to miss it. Whenever you open a locker, just aim down at the base of the locker to check. If you get a prompt to "collect intel," then you're good to go. If you don't get it, then check the next locker.


Once again, the documents for Maxis can also be collected as a drop from the Mimics, just like the rest of the documents.

There are a total of four documents for Maxis and they are as follows:

  • Omega Portal Blueprint
  • omega Propaganda Poster
  • Aetherium Effects Report
  • Aetherium Reactor Blueprint

Radio Transmissions

Maxis' Radio Transmissions can be collected using the radio in the Rocky Defense area by the Data Center. You will find the radio on a wooden crate behind the terminal you protect from the zombies during the assault rounds.

There are a total of seven Radio Transmissions for Maxis, and you can only get one per game. As always, you will need to play seven games for each radio transmission. The following is a list of all Maxis' radio transmission Intel:

  • Code In
  • Relentless
  • Monsters Are Real
  • The Perpetual Night
  • The Light Within
  • Blood On My Hands
  • A Bad Dream

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