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All Intel Locations In Die Maschine & Onslaught Mode - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

all intel locations featured

Season 1 Intel


Audio Logs

There are two audio logs for Requiem in Season 1.

        • "New Orders": This audio log is found in the Weapons Lab. You need to go down a level where the Deadshot Daquiri perk machine is. The audio log will be on a stack of metal sheets next to the blueprint on the right side of the perk machine.
        • "Exo-Element 1": You can find this audio log in the medical bay where the easter egg computer is. Look for the audio log at the end of the small office on a cabinet by the wall.


There is only one document intel added in for Requiem in Season 1. Like the rest of the documents, you can obtain this one as a rare drop from the Megaton mini-boss.

The new document is named 'Doctor Vogel Entry 203.'


Audio Logs

There are two new audio logs for Omega.

        • "Turning Point": This audio log is on the top floor of Nacht Der Untoten inside the "Bedroom" area. It will be sitting on a table next to the chalkboard in the room where the Stamin-Up perk machine is.
        • "Next Phase": You can find it at the very back corner of the crash site.


There are three documents for Omega group in Season 1. They can be obtained by eliminating the Megaton mini-boss.

          • Omega Group Formation
          • Operation Undertaker
          • Khe Sanh Site


In Season 1, three new radio transmissions have been added for Maxis. You can collect these the same way you did during your pre-season by interacting with Maxis' radio located in the Pond area. Note that you can only collect one transmission per game. You can exit the game after collecting one and repeat the same in the next.

          • The New Threat
          • Divided Loyalties
          • Shared History / Old Friends

Dark Aether

All the dark aether intel can be obtained by completing trials through the trial computer (located in the control room) exactly like you did in pre-season.

Kep completing the trials until you see a folder icon on the trial computer. If you complete that, you will get an Intel halfway through your trial. You can also get an Intel if you continue to do the trials all the way up to the Legendary reward. If you continue to do the trials even after reaching the Legendary reward, your reward will change into an Intel.

Audio Logs

There are two new audio logs.

          • Lost Souls: Fritz
          • Lost Souls: Pyotr


Three new documents have been added.

          • Day 4,100
          • Day 13,874
          • Hello?

Radio Transmissions

Lastly, there are five new radio transmissions that can be obtained under the dark aether category.

          • Alive
          • Gathering
          • Behemoth
          • Dominion
          • Horde

Onslaught Mode Intel

Onslaught is a Playstation exclusive game mode that will be added for the rest of the platforms soon. The onslaught mode has its own set of Intel that you can collect. It is categorized as 'Exclusive Content' beside the pre-season and season 1 tab if you go to your Intel menu.

You can acquire the Intel by killing the elite zombies such as the Megaton and Megaton bomber. It is similar to how you obtain the documents on Die Maschine by killing the Megaton. You can only get one Intel per game. Once you see a Megaton, drop one Intel, exit the game, and start a new one for the next piece of Intel.

Since the Intel for Onslaught Mode was also added in preseason and season 1, we will categorize them for your convenience. You get Intel documents on different maps.

Onslaught Mode - Preseason


          • Late Checkout
          • Tourist Trap
          • Eighty-Sixed


          • Querida Madre: Soldiers of death
          • Querida Madre: Raul's Wrath
          • Querida Madre: Manuel's Fate
          • The Last Post: Convoy
          • The Last Post: Cursed
          • The Last Post: Consequences


          • Hausmeisterin: The Secret
          • Hausmeisterin: The Lie
          • Hausmeisterin: The Visitor
          • KGB Contact Note
          • Soviet War Hero
          • Red Army Encounters

Onslaught Mode - Season 1


          • Angola Breach Report
          • Morasko Satellite Capture 08.83
          • Morasko Satellite Capture 09.83
          • Memorandum from Moscow
          • Redpoll Interview Excerpt
          • A Formal Request
Nuketown '84
          • To Whom It May Concern
          • Punks Ain't Pacifists
          • Cellar Dwellers
The Pines
          • Game Over
          • Breakup
          • Respect

You will also get three more on a new map Raid, which is yet to be released for Onslaught Mode. We will update the article with the new Intel once it is released and any Intel added in the future.

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  1. Your site is honestly the best Cold War Zombie info site I have seen by far. Great Job! Also will you add the new intel locations that were added with thr 12/8 patch?

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. Super glad to know our guides are informative and helpful. Yes, we will add the new intel locations soon. Stay tuned!

  2. How you get the Dark Aether Crystal Artifact is wrong, you get it from doing the last charge of getting the electric mod for the D.I.E. Other than that awesome intel on getting the intel lol.

  3. Says I have 7/10 omega exclusive documents are the three available if so where and kgb activist 13/14 we are still waiting on that to be added I believe

    1. Hi James, yes, those missing intel are added with Season 1. The article will be updated within a week with the locations of all Season 1 Intel. Thanks for your patience!

    2. Hi James, just getting back on the missing Intel. Apparently, they will be added to the game in the future.

  4. thank you, this has helped me get more intels i had over 33 intels collected and after using this i got over 38 i just need to kill the megatons thats all 🙂

    1. Hi Katsuke, thanks for your positive feedback. Super glad to hear this guide was helpful!

    2. Thanks for your response and also happy 115 day for tomorrow 🙂 this helps me get all of the intels i need

  5. Can you obtain the KGB Archivist calling card for Die Maschine Report Master calling card? (I have 13 of 14 omega intel)

    1. Hi, this one is presumably going to be added later in the season, probably in Season 2 or later in the current Season.

    1. Hi Paulius. Yes, one of the intel is either missing from the game or it's a bug, but many haven't found the last one.

    2. Can u still get all the Intel from pre season because I've tried to do the challange from the challange machine and when ever I have done the intel one it dosnt actually give me the intel

  6. Can you contact me on insta? My instagram is Legend27bk. I have a pic of a unknown perk. It's a hexagon with bullet in the middle ive never seen anything like it before

    1. Hi James. Isn't that a Jugger-Nog perk icon? Feel free to send me the picture via email: [email protected]

      Also, if it is a completely different icon, then it could be a visual glitch because Cold War is known to have such visual bugs, even Warzone!

  7. Hey was just wondering if I was the only one with this problem, I have all the intel’s and I still haven’t received my calling card for getting all omega intels, Why is that? Anybody help me ??

    1. Hi Joshua. Apparently, Intel is bugged for some reason. Today, I noticed I got the KGB Archivist completion notification when I first loaded the Firebase Z game. Maybe that will get you the missing intel? Please do try and let me know!

    2. Can u still get intel from challanges on the challange machine because I have completed about 2 of the intel challanges now and I go back to the machine and there is no intel for me

  8. Thanks for the content! Was a huge help getting all the intel i missed (surprisingly it was a lot! ) 😂 Any idea if you will have any info for season 2??? Thanks

  9. Wonderful guide, however, I would like to point out that this is not onslaught, it is Outbreak.

  10. Hey James, I know this is a few months late but that Hexigon with a bullet in the middle of it is a free random ammo mod for your weapon, Ive seen it a few times and it took me a while to realize what it does

  11. Hi, not managed to get the Dark Aether Crystal in die maschine even though we did all the upgrades, anyone know if this is bugged?

  12. Thank you so much! One thing, this intel only unlocks from the Easter egg, not the box nor trail machine -> "D.I.E. Machine: You can get this via Mystery Box, as a Trial Reward, or for free by doing the D.I.E. Machine easter egg."

    1. Hi Scott!

      All the deprogram Intel is acquired by killing the elite zombies during the elite surge in Onslaught mode.

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