All Intel Locations In Die Maschine & Onslaught Mode - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

Die Maschine is full of secrets and easter eggs. But the fun doesn't stop there. There are several collectibles spread around the map, which you can collect to learn more about the new Dark Aether story.

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These collectibles are referred to as Intel that you can collect in the form of audio logs, documents, radio transmissions, and artifacts. While some of these Intel have fixed locations, others can only be found as random drops from one of the mini-bosses, Megaton, or by doing the trials from the trials computer in the control room.

These Intel are categorized into four main "teams" that are: Requiem, Omega, Maxis, and Dark Aether. We have listed the locations of all Intel that you can find in Die Maschine. There are two categories of Intel - 'Pre-season Intel' and 'Season 1 Intel'. More are expected to be added in the future as more seasons are released.

We also have a complete list of all the Intel found in the new Onslaught Mode for Zombies. We have listed down all the Intel documents and the maps you can find them on.

Pre-season Intel


Audio Logs

There are two audio logs for Requiem.

  • "The Incident": You can find this in the Main Power room to the left of the power button.
  • "The Parallel World": You can find this audio log under the stairs that are directly leading you to the Pack-A-Punch machine. If you are looking away from the Pack-A-Punch machine, look under the stairs on the right side. You will find the audio log on a wooden crate. Note you can only find this in Dark Aether.


There are five artifacts that you can collect. All these artifacts are acquired as you complete the main Die Maschine easter egg. Feel free to check out our full in-depth guide on how to complete the main easter egg and acquire these artifacts.

If you complete the full main easter egg on Die Maschine, you would have collected the artifacts for all categories (Requiem, Omega, Maxis, & Dark Aether).

  • D.I.E. Remote Control: To acquire the Remote Control. You must kill the Megaton, and after he splits, one of the Megaton Blasters will drop a keycard that you can use in the Weapons Locker in Weapons Lab to reveal the D.I.E. Remote Control.
  • D.I.E. Machine: You can get this via Mystery Box, as a Trial Reward, or for free by doing the D.I.E. Machine easter egg.
  • Aetherscope: You can craft the Aetherscope once you've collected all three parts by visiting the Dark Aether as part of the main easter egg.
  • Doctor Vogel's Diary: You can get the diary in the Dark Aether by going through the portal in the Medical Bay once you've crafted the Aetherscope. The diary is on a desk by the computer in the Medical Bay office.
  • Decontantamination Agent: This is found at the crash site once you've completed the tank step in the main easter egg.


There are a total of six documents. These documents can be obtained by killing the Megaton. When the Megaton splits, you will get the documents from either one of the Megaton Blasters or Bombers.

Here is an example of what the dropped document looks like.

The following is the list of all six documents that you can get for Requiem.

  • Endstation Approval
  • D.I.E. Blueprint
  • Der Wechsler Blueperint
  • Spacetime Branch Sketch
  • V Cipher #1
  • V Cipher #2

Radio Transmissions

Radio Transmissions for Requiem can be collected from the radio, which is on the second floor of Nacht Der Untoten, on the table by the exit that leads to the Pond area.

There are a total of seven radio transmissions and you can only collect once per game. Just visit the radio in each game to collect the transmission. The following is the list of all the transmissions that you can get for Requiem:

  • Officer Weaver
  • Doctor Grey
  • Dimension of Death
  • Doctor Strauss
  • Aetherium
  • Major Carver
  • New Arms Race


Audio Log

There are three audio logs that you can collect for Omega.

    • "8th Guard's First Contact": You can find this audio log on the ground next to the facility entrance gate. It will be on the left side of of the gate.
    • "The Volunteer": This audio log can be found in the room with the fast travel portal in Medical Bay. This is the same room where you have a possibility of Pack-A-Punch part spawning.
    • "For Mother Russia": This audio log is in the Weapons Lab fast travel section. You will find a radio resting by the wall beyond the shutter door, which opens once you've fast traveled through the portal that leads you to that room.

      You can also find a Pack-A-Punch part in this room.


There is only one artifact that comes under the Omega category, and that is the Orlov Family Photo. You can get this photo towards the very end of the main easter egg of Die Maschine. Collecting this photo teleports you to the final boss fight.


There are four documents that you can collect under the Omega group. These documents are also found by killing the Megaton. When the Megaton splits, kill the Megaton Bombers to get either one of the documents. These drops are quite rare, so don't be discouraged if you haven't got one on your first Megaton Bomber kill. Keep trying!

      • K Cipher
      • An Explanation
      • G Cipher
      • Before the Devil Arrives


Audio Logs

There are three audio logs that you can collect for Maxis.

      • "Cold War Paranoia": This audio log can be collected from the very beginning of the game on the couch on the ground floor of Nacht Der Untoten. Just open the pink door for 500 points, and you will see the couch right next to you as soon as you enter.
      • "Gamer Changer": This audio log can be found next to the empty flask that you collect after hitting the wooden crate with the D.I.E. Shockwave on top of Nacht as part of the main easter egg.
      • "The VHS Tape": This one is also simple to find once you've acquired the D.I.E. Shockwave. Go on top of Nacht and suck in the empty canister. An audiotape is also sucked in towards you that you can collect.


You can collect three documents for the Maxis category, and as with any of these documents, you can only get them from the Megaton.

        • KGB Video Tape Note
        • Dieter's Note
        • Message for Weaver

Radio Transmissions

Maxis also has a radio similar to the Requiem radio. You can find Maxis' radio in the Pond area to the left of the tunnel entrance. There are three radio transmissions that you can collect, but you can only collect one transmission per game.

The radio transmissions are as follows:

        • Agent Maxis
        • Scorpions from Frogs
        • Why You're Here

Dark Aether

Audio Logs

There are six audio logs under Dark Aether category and all of these can be collected by completing trials through the trial computer (located in the control room).

Whenever an Intel reward is available, you will get a message on your screen's left side that states that a reward is available with Intel written next to it.

These audio logs are mostly from the people trapped in the Dark Aether and try to contact the real world. We've managed to go back and forth in the Dark Aether, but some people have been trapped in there for years.

There are six audio logs that you can get from doing the trials, and they are as follows:

        • Lost Souls: Johannes
        • Lost Souls: Mariska
        • Lost Souls: David
        • Approach
        • Lost Souls: Alice
        • Lost Souls: Barbara


Similarly, documents are also acquired by completing trials.

There are a total of twelve documents that you can get and they are:

        • $!%()$3@!
        • I @ N#B%D! O% T@#&
        • Day 13,773
        • Day 95
        • Day 175
        • Day 213
        • Day 1,646
        • Day 937
        • Day 1,108
        • Day 6,121
        • Day 2,873
        • Day 3,289


All Dark Aether artifacts are obtained through the main easter egg.

        • Mutated Fungus: You get mutated fungus by luring the Megaton and forcing him to shoot the spores on the tree in the pond area. Once shot, it turns purple. Upon turning purple, you will get the Intel. This is one of the steps to obtain the Cryo-Emitter Wonder Weapon Upgrade.
        • Plaguehound Gas: Plaguehound gas is collected as one of the steps to get the Nova 5 Wonder Weapon Upgrade during the main easter egg. We collect the gas in the same empty canister that we collected from Nacht's top floor, along with an audio log.
        • Dark Aether Crystal: The dark aether crystal artifact is acquired once you've collected all three yellow glowing crystals needed to get the electric upgrade for the D.I.E Wonder Weapon.
        • Dark Aether Wrench: You get this wrench once you've restored power to the hanging container in the Medical Bay. You get a new portal in the Medical Bay. You go through this portal and interact with a new anomaly in the Medical Bay where two Russian soldiers have a conversation.Once the conversation ends, you are teleported back to the real world, and you see a wrench drop next to you. When you collect this wrench, it will be added as an artifact.

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