All Intel Documents In Onslaught - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

Zombies Onslaught is a new co-op zombies mode introduced in Black Ops Cold War that was initially exclusive to PlayStation only. It was later released for both Xbox and PC players, in addition to PlayStation, on November 2, 2021.

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What is Onslaught?

In Onslaught, players spawn next to a Dark Aether Orb, similar to the ones seen in Outbreak.

The Orb is surrounded by a force field that shields the area around the Orb, including the player. If the player goes out of the force field, they take damage.

Regular zombies spawn, and players must eliminate them to fill up the Orb's power. A pink bar at the top-left corner of your screen under the mini-map represents Orb's power.

Once the bar is filled, all the remaining zombies are killed by the explosion originating from the Orb, and the Orb moves to a new location. This wave completion is called a "Surge." The surges get more challenging as you progress through them.

After completing three surges, an Elite surge also appears, spawning Elite zombies such as Manglers, Megaton, Krasny Soldat, Mimics, etc.

The Elite zombies always drop a random perk, power-ups, weapons, and equipment. They also drop Chalices and Aether Wrench to pack-a-punch your weapon and upgrade the rarity, respectively.

Intel on Onslaught

The Elite zombies will also randomly drop an Intel document, and that is how you can collect the Intel on Onslaught. In Onslaught, the Intel is only available in the form of documents that can be collected by eliminating the Elite zombies.

You can typically get a document drop within 3-4 Elite surges, sometimes less. And, you can only collect one document per game. There is a total of 57 Intel spread across 19 different maps. Each map has 3 Intel to collect, totaling up to 57 Intel overall. There are three categories of Intel which include Requiem, Omega, and Maxis Intel.

The whole process of collecting these Intel is quite time-consuming and can take a while, given you can only collect one Intel per game. It means to collect all three on a single map, you need to play that map three times. And then you must repeat the same with the rest of the 18 maps. So, you must be ready to play 57 games to collect all 57 Intel documents.

You can keep track of what Intel you need to collect by going to your 'barracks' from the main menu and navigating down to the 'Intel' selection.

Go to the 'Exclusive Content' tab, and you should see all your Onslaught Intel.

It is very easy to identify which Intel you're missing. When you select hover over the 'Classified' Intel, it shows you the name of the map you need to play to collect the respective Intel.

You can play Onslaught either in public or private lobbies. But, the fastest and best method is to load up a private Onslaught game. In private lobbies, you have the option to select the map. You cannot choose the map in public matches.

Once you've collected your Intel, exit the game and repeat the same.

List of Intel

Here is a list of all the Intel found on each map in the Zombies Onslaught game mode.


  • Angola Breach Report
  • Morasko Satellite Capture 08.83
  • Morasko Sattelite Capture 09.83


  • Memorandum from Moscow
  • Redpoll Interview Excerpt
  • A Formal Request


  • Late Checkout
  • Tourist Trap
  • Eighty-Sixed


  • KGB Contact Note
  • Soviet War Hero
  • Red Army Encounter


  • The Last Post: Convoy
  • The Last Post: Cursed
  • The Last Post: Consequences


  • Hausmeisterin: The Secret
  • Hausmeisterin: The Lie
  • Hausmeisterin: The Visitor


  • Querida Madre - Soldiers of Death
  • Querida Madre - Raul's Watch
  • Querida Madre - Manuel's Fate

The Pines

  • Game Over
  • Breakup
  • Respect


  • Housewarming: Canyon Fire
  • Housewarming: Stash Room
  • Housewarming: Friends of the Owner


  • State Your Emergency
  • Lightning Rod
  • Los Angeles Outbreak AAR


  • Laos Breach Report
  • A Luxury I Cannot Afford
  • Laos Operational Map


  • Exclusive Zone
  • Field Promotion
  • Yamantau Breach Report


  • Eyes Only: Valentina
  • 3 Surprises
  • Kyrgyzstan Breach Report


  • Algeria Aid Request
  • Krupin Field Report
  • After-Action: Algeria


  • Comet-Cannibals
  • Game Plan
  • Done And Dusted


  • The Devil's Mountain
  • A Lovely Addition
  • Echelon Breach Report


  • Dear Dad
  • The Beasts from Below
  • Movie Night Flyer


  • I Know
  • I Dream
  • I Live

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