All the games coming to and leaving the Game Pass this January

The Xbox Game Pass doesn't have too many heavy hitters coming in this month but the quality will surprise you.

all games coming leaving game pass january
Fans speculate that making Persona available on more platforms is a prelude to a Persona 6 announcement.

Microsoft usually announces the new games for the Xbox Game Pass at the start of the month. But, for some reason - which may or may not have something to do with the unconfirmed Xbox Developer Direct showcase - Microsoft took its sweet time announcing the games for the month. We're nearly halfway through Janus' namesake month and we just caught wind of the Game Pass' opening salvo. If it makes a difference, Xbox slid in a couple of games unannounced, so there goes the answer of why you saw Stranded Deep and Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition pop up for some reason.

The highlight of the Game Pass this month is three JRPGs. The first two, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable, are coming on the 19th. Then, the other one, Monster Hunter Rise, will be available the day after on the 20th.

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are part of the trio of top-billing Persona games that was announced last year. Persona 5 Royal is already available on the Game Pass, so the new additions should make it easy for you to backtrack and play the predecessors. It's worth noting that Persona 3 Portable is a launch title as it will be available on both the Nintendo Switch, the PS4, and the PC on the same day as well.

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As for the outlier, Monster Hunter Rise, it shouldn't need an introduction. Capcom must have liked what it saw with Monster Hunter: World so much that it decided to port the series' latest installment to more platforms as well. Similar to Persona 3 Portable, Monster Hunter Rise is getting a day-and-date release on the Game Pass, PS4, and the PS5 after it made its way to the PC last year. It's not quite like World that was obviously made for multi-platform gaming but there's enough in Rise to keep even casuals interested.

As always, the Game Pass has to offload games to make space for the incoming ones. For this month, the Game Pass will be saying goodbye to Nobody Saves the World, The Anacrusis, and Windjammers 2, effective on January 15. Other games that are on their way out include Danganronpa, Pupperazzi, and We Happy Few.

all games coming leaving game pass january
Persona 3 through 5 are widely considered some of the best JRPGs of all time.

Speaking of Microsoft, the tech giant recently dropped its complaint about calling the FTC unconstitutional.

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