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All Fortune's Keep Easter Eggs (Complete Solo Guide)

Fortunes Keep EE Featured

Fortune's Keep is a new resurgence map encouraging parkour and rooftop battles. But, it doesn't just stop there. While Rebirth Island had a long-winded easter egg, Fortune's Keep keeps it simple and introduces several short easter eggs that are quick and easy yet offer valuable loot.

Fortune's Keep was released with five easter eggs, each offering unique rewards. These rewards are not permanent but always give you an edge above other players if you manage to complete them early in the game.

Here are the five easter eggs and the steps you need to take in order to complete them for unique rewards.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure easter egg will remind players of the dig spots found in Terra Maledicta, and not a very fond memory given the reputation of that map. But, the Buried Treasure easter egg in Fortune's Keep aims to provide nothing but value.

Several shovels are scattered around the map, which you can pick up and use to dig buried treasure. These shovels are not hard to find and can be found in many locations. The most common shovel location is the beach west of the Graveyard POI.

It is the best spot for this easter egg as it has both the shovel and the dirt mounds that you can dig for loot. There are at least four to five mounds across the whole beach.

The loot includes gold bars, different weapons, a self-revive kit, and killstreaks.

Note that if you find a shovel in any of the locations, there is always a dirt mound nearby for you to dig for rewards. Always look for sandy areas or beaches around the shovel spawn locations. They are purposefully placed strategically for players to access the shovel and dirt mounds quickly.

Other notable shovel locations include (player location indicates the shovel spawn point, and the green highlighted areas include dirt mounds):

  • Smuggler's Cove
  • Winery Road
  • The Lighthouse
  • Graveyard
  • Outside Graveyard

The above are just a few locations. There may be a lot more shovel locations around the map. The shovels act like any other item in the game. If you are killed while holding a shovel, it will be dropped as loot, and other players can pick it up.

The same goes for you as a player. If another player is killed while holding a shovel, you can loot it off them.


The dart board easter egg is another quick one that rewards you with a unique weapon blueprint (only for the match you're playing). For this, you need to drop down to the Town POI. There is a building with a balcony and a bar on that balcony.

You will find a watermelon with a throwing knife on the bar table. Pick up that knife.

Jump down and go inside the building.

Turn right, and you will find a dartboard.

Aim at the dartboard and throw your knife in the middle. It will automatically adjust it to go for the bullseye.

When you hit the dartboard, the locked door to your right will open, revealing high-tier loot inside.

Fountain Loot

This easter egg is very simple. There is a fountain at the Winery POI.

Go to the fountain and drop your gold bars inside the fountain. When you do, the gold bars will disappear.

After a few seconds, you will get a random loot from the fountain. The loot will pop out.

You can do this multiple times. It is not known whether or not the amount of gold bar thrown affects the quality of loot.

Wine Bottles

The Wine Bottles easter egg is probably the most elaborate out of all the easter eggs listed here. It is not difficult, but getting to the secret room with the loot can get frustrating as it is inside the Keep, and the Keep is always one of the hot dropzones.

For this easter egg, you need to find two wine bottles. There are three fixed spawn locations around the Terrace POI where you can find the bottles, and they are as follows:

Bottle Location #1

On the lunch table on the balcony of one of the northern buildings.

Bottle Location #2

On the kitchen counter inside the building connecting the balcony building.

Bottle Location #3

On the stone table inside the church. The bottle is at the very end of the church.

Once you've picked up at least two bottles from either of the above locations, you need to make your way to the Keep. Go to the second floor, where the dining area is.

There is an empty shelf on the eastern wall of the dining area. Go up to it, and you will get a prompt to place the wine bottles.

Place the bottles, and the shelf will move into the wall to reveal a secret room behind it.

The room contains high-tier loot, including items with gold camo. It also has a unique melee weapon that resembles a nordic axe.

The blueprints inside the room are only for the game you're playing. They are not permanent unlocks.

There is also $5,000 cash.

Like the shovel, the wine bottles are also looted items. If someone kills you, you will lose the bottles, and other players can loot them off you.

Zombie Easter Egg

Finally, we have the zombie easter egg.

Basically, in this easter egg, you can spawn a zombie, and killing the zombie rewards you with a free self-revive kit.

First, make your way to the Graveyard POI to do this easter egg.

Here, you need to find three unlit candles. The candles can be found around the Graveyard and shouldn't take too long as they stand out. You can find them inside the Mausoleum, outside near the stairs of the Mausoleum, at the base of the statues near the fountain, on the crypt shelves, and near the fountain.

The spawn locations are always random in each game but always in or around the Mausoleum. Approach the candles, and you will get a prompt to light them.

Once you've lit all three candles around the Graveyard, you will hear a creepy laugh. Go to the central Tombstone, and you will get a prompt to pay respect by pressing the 'F' button if you're on PC, Square on PlayStation, and X on Xbox. This is a homage to the original 'Press F to pay respect' meme.

Once you've paid respect, a zombie will come out of the same tomb. Kill the zombie to get a free self-revive. You will also get some cash and a new sequencer (EMP) grenade. The zombie has quite a bit of health, so ensure you have enough ammo.

That covers all the easter eggs on Fortune's Keep. If you're interested in Rebirth Island's easter egg, we have a complete in-depth guide for you here.

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