All Base Weapon Unlock Requirements (Receivers) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Now you can easily identify what weapons you need to level to unlock your favorite Assault Rifle.

Old and new COD players are perplexed with the Weapon Platforms and Receiver system introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The new system can get a bit hectic to get used to, but it isn't that difficult once you've understood the general idea of how the Receivers work.

In summary, each new Weapon Platform has weapons of different categories (Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, SMGs, etc.) in that single platform. By default, one weapon within each platform is already unlocked. You can unlock the rest of the weapons by leveling up the default weapon to reach a specific level, at which point the Receiver for the next weapon will unlock.

The Receivers essentially convert your weapon into a completely different weapon. Some weapons require you to unlock weapons in a different Weapon Platform before you can unlock them. This going back and forth between platforms can be confusing.

The new UI in Modern Warfare 2 doesn't make it any easier to navigate the weapon platforms. In this article, we've listed all the weapons and their respective Weapon Platforms, Receivers, and unlock requirements, so you can easily identify what weapon you must level up to unlock the weapon of your choice.

We've separated each table into a specific category (Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, SMGs, etc.). The tables will be updated as well get more weapons in the future seasons.

Assault Rifles

Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
M4 Unlocked by Default M4
M16 Reach 556 Icarus Level 14 M4
TAQ-56 Reach Level 19 Tactique Verte
STB 556 Reach Level 41 Bruen Bullpup
Lachmann-556 Reach Lachmann-762 Level 12 Lachmann & Meer
Kastov 762 Reach Level 23 Kastovia
Kastov 545 Reach Kastov 762 Level 13 Kastovia
Kastov-74u Reach Kastov 545 Level 13 Kastovia

Battle Rifles

Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
FTAC Recon Reach M4 Level 14 M4
TAQ-V Reach TAQ-56 Level 11 Tactique Verte
Lachmann-762 Reach Level 16 Lachmann & Meer
SO-14 Reach EBR-14 Level 12 Ordnance Weapon

Marksman Rifles

Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
TAQ-M Reach TAQ-56 Level 20 Tactique Verte
LM-S Reach Lachmann-762 Level 16 Lachmann & Meer
EBR-14 Unlocked by Default Ordnance Weapon
SP-R 208 Reach Level 7 Bryson Long Rifle
SA-B 50 Reach SP-R 208 Level 16 Bryson Long Rifle
Lockwood MK2 Reach Level 28 Mark 2


Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
556 Icarus Reach M4 Level 19 M4
HCR 56 Reach STB 556 Level 20 Bruen Bullpup
RAPP H Reach Lachmann-556 Level 12 Lachmann & Meer
RPK Reach Kastov 762 Level 16 Kastovia
Sakin MG38 Unlocked by Default Sakin MG
RAAL MG Reach Level 25 RAAL


Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
FSS Hurricane Reach FTAC Recon Level 17 M4
MX9 Reach STB 556 Level 13 Bruen Bullpup
Lachmann Sub Reach Lachmann-556 Level 12 Lachmann & Meer
Vaznev-9K Reach Kastov-74u Level 15 Kastovia
Minibak Reach Vaznev-9K Level 14 Kastovia
Vel 46 Unlocked by Default LMP
PDSW 528 Reach Level 5 Tactique Defense
Fennec 45 Reach Level 38 Fennec
BAS-P Complete Sector A6 of the Season 1 Battle Pass Bruen Ops


Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
X12 Reach Level 31 XRK
X13 Auto Reach X12 Level 10 XRK
P890 Unlocked by Default Bruen 890
.50 GS Reach Level 13 Sakin G Series
Basilisk Reach Level 39 Basilisk 500


Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
Bryson 800 Unlocked by Default Bryson 800 Series
Bryson 890 Reach Bryson 800 Level 16 Bryson 800 Series
Lockwood 300 Reach Level 36 Lockwood Sport
Expedite 12 Reach Level 9 Expedite

Sniper Rifles

Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
MCPR-300 Unlocked by Default MRBA
LA-B 330 Reach SA-B 50 Level 17 Bryson Long Rifle
Signal 50 Reach Level 44 Signal
SP-X 80 Reach LA-B 330 Level 17 Bryson Long Rifle
Victus XMR Complete Sector A7 of the Season 1 Battle Pass Imperatorium


Weapon Unlock Requirement Weapon Platform
PILA Unlocked by Default N/A
STRELA-P Reach Level 14 N/A
JOKR Reach Level 24 N/A
RPG-7 Reach Level 32 N/A
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