All 20 Intel Locations on Denied Area Spec Ops Mission - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

You can find up to 20 Intel during the Denied Area Spec Ops mission. Here's how you can locate them all.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continues enriching the COD world with lore and instilling depth using Intel that players can find in different parts of the map. These pieces of Intel can be found in different forms, including photos, texts, and audio.

There are 50 pre-season Intel scattered across all three Spec Ops launch maps, including Low Profile, Denied Area, and Defender: Mt. Zaya. In this guide, we walk you through all twenty possible locations found in Denied Area.

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Geiger Counter

Before you begin collecting the Intel, make sure to collect the Geiger Counter at the very beginning of the mission. This Geiger Counter will be used to locate some of the hidden Intel that is not obtainable otherwise.

Upon starting the mission, you can easily get one Geiger Counter from the security outpost near your spawn location.

Intel 1 (Geiger Counter)

The first Intel is found using the Geiger Counter, and it is right outside S.A.M site A. It can be anywhere in the highlighted area shown on the map below.

Use your Geiger Counter, and follow the radiation. As the radioactive counter goes up, you get closer to the Intel. The Intel is always a wooden crate.

Intel 2

The second Intel is inside S.A.M site A.

It is on the table in one of the partial tent setups at S.A.M site A.

Second Possible Spawn Location

If you don't find the Intel on the table at tent 1, you can go to the western part of the site, and there will be another tent. Check the table in this setup. It will have Intel.

Intel 3

The Intel is on a small wooden chair under a shelter in the southern part of S.A.M site A.

Intel 4

The Intel is in the semi-residential area you come across as you drive toward other S.A.M sites. There is a building that comes across on the way and it has one Intel inside.

Head inside the building, and you will find the Intel in the form of a folder on the dining table on the ground floor.

Intel 5

As you move forward, you will come across this building with a huge tower. At the base of the tower is a well-established building with multiple rooms and a central market.

Enter through the archway (seen in the image above), and go right. You will find a room with multiple beds for sick patients.

You will find a side table in between the two beds to your left. The Intel is on this side table.

Intel 6

Go to the back of the same building where you found Intel 5, and climb up the ladders.

Keep climbing up using a set of ladders through the door ahead of you to get to the top of the tower.

You will find the Intel sitting on the ledge when you reach the top.

Intel 7

The Intel is inside a small brick house.

Go up the stairs, and enter the house. You will find the Intel on a small wooden table.

Intel 8

The Intel is inside one of the enemy-accommodated buildings towards the end of the residential section of this map.

Enter the building, and turn right to go upstairs. You will find several rooms. Go inside the room directly at the end of the corridor that has a giant red tool cabinet.

The Intel is on the red cabinet.

Intel 9

The next Intel is found in a building located at an intersection that separates S.A.M sites B and D.

Enter the building and go upstairs. You will find the Intel in a drawer with a TV on it.

Intel 10

The Intel is plugged into a laptop on a table directly in front of the S.A.M at site D.

Intel 11

There is a small house at S.A.M site D that has another Intel.

Go upstairs and you will find the Intel in a broken drawer.

Intel 12 (Geiger Counter)

This is another Geiger Counter Intel you can find near S.A.M site D. The location may vary slightly, but it will be in the region marked on the map below. Use your Geiger Counter to pinpoint the exact location.

Intel 13

There is another small house just below S.A.M site D.

Climb on top of the roof by mantling over the white water tank, and you will find the Intel.

Intel 14 (Geiger Counter)

Use the Geiger Counter to locate the Intel in region highlighted on the map below.

Intel 15

This Intel is also found using the Geiger Counter and is situated near Intel 14.

Intel 16

The Intel is on S.A.M site C, near the western wall of the site.

You will find it on a bench under a shelter with a parked truck beside it.

Intel 17

Intel 17 is also in a building at S.A.M site C.

Go upstairs, and the Intel is on a small wooden side table at the end of the bed with a TV and a flower pot on it.

Intel 18

The Intel is at S.A.M site B.

You will find it connected to a laptop on a table beside the ammo refill station.

Intel 19

This Intel is also at S.A.M site B, but slightly southeast of Intel 18.

The Intel is on a table by the refill ammo station.

Intel 20

The Intel is on a table at a small outpost setup at S.A.M site D.

Second Possible Spawn Location

If you don't find the Intel at the outpost, you can check its alternative spawn location at S.A.M site C. The Intel will be on a table beside the ammo refill station directly in front of the S.A.M setup.


You also unlock exclusive rewards for collecting the Intel fragment across all spec ops mission maps.

  • All Mighty (Emblem)
    Intel Pieces Required: 20
  • Deadly Precision (Calling Card)
    Intel Pieces Required: 40
  • Brass Selection (Weapon Blueprint)
    Intel Pieces Required: 50
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