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This article covers all the radio locations on Terra Maledicta. If you would like to learn more about the radios and radio locations on Der Anfang, we encourage you to check out our Der Anfang radio locations guide. We also have locations of all radios on Shi No Numa.

Vanguard might lack the harder easter eggs that Zombies' fans grew to enjoy, but the Dark Aether story and the lore revolving around it are undeniably rich. The Dark Aether story continues with Season 2 of Vanguard in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. This guide is for the story enthusiasts of the Zombies' mode.

The new map Terra Maledicta has several radios spread across the central hub called the Eastern Desert, The Hall of Truth, and the Corrupted Lands in the Dark Aether.

The Hall of Truth and the Corrupted Lands are both objective-exclusive locations. This means you can only get the radios from these locations if you get an objective in these locations. Similar to the radios on Der Anfang, these are also categorized into three different types: The Von List radio, Krafft radio, and The Runestones.

The Von List radio gives us Intel revolving around the Oberführer Von List, the game's main antagonist. The Krafft radio provides us with the perspective of Gabriel Krafft, the demonologist who betrayed Von List, to help us fight against him. Finally, the Runestones contain the views and Intel of the different entities.

We've separated the radio locations based on their type and main location. It would be best to know which radio represents which character.

Eastern Desert

Here are the locations of all 13 radios found in the Eastern Desert. You will need to open up the map by completing objectives to access most of these radios. We recommend opening up the map first and then listening to these radio Intel.

Krafft Radios

Radio #1

The radio is found inside a building with a hole in the wall on East Spring.

The radio is on the bookshelf inside the building. This building is the Radio Outpost.

Radio #2

This radio is found on Merchant Road East by some radios resting by the wall of a building.

The Krafft radio is at the base of the table.

Radio #3

The third Krafft radio is directly in front of the second radio inside a broken Storehouse building.

The radio is on a wooden barrel.

Radio #4

The last radio in the Eastern Desert can be found in the Derailment area.

The radio is inside the middle rail container. This is the same container that is also one of the four possible spawn locations of the shovel.

Von List Radios

Radio #1

The radio is found in the Tents area in the eastern part of the central hub. The radio is on the ground under the very first tent to your left as you enter the Tents area.

Radio #2

The second radio is outside the Radio outpost building (the one with a hole in the wall) on East Spring.

You will find the radio on the table by the hole.

Radio #3

The third radio is found in the Debris Field, the area with the Venomous Vigor (Quick Revive) demonic perk fountain. The radio is on the left side of the Ravine Path that leads back to the Merchant Road West or the Decimator Shield area.

Radio #4

You can find the fourth radio inside the Bazaar building on West Spring.

Go through the door via the West Spring, and turn left to find the radio on the ground next to some furniture in the corner. The corner is between the back exit and the hole in the wall.

Radio #5

The fifth radio can be found behind the wall in the Arroyo. This is directly to the right of the pack-a-punch or spawn area.

Radio #6

The final Von List radio is inside the Market Storage on Merchant Road West.

Head inside the storage area, and you will find the radio at the base of a wooden display shelf.


Runestone #1

You can find the first Runestone in the Spike, the place with the Fiendish Fortitude demonic perk fountain.

Go down to the area, and you will find the Runestone resting against a small rock formation.

Runestone #2

The second Runestone is resting by the giant boulder next to the Bazaar building on Merchant Road.

Runestone #3

The final Runestone can be found at the very end of the Derailment area. The Runestone is on the ground by the massive structure covering the railway tracks.

Hall of Truth

You can find two Radios in the Hall of Truth. This is only possible to do if you get an objective in the Hall of Truth. Here are the locations:

Krafft Radios

Radio #1

The first radio is in the Relic Staging Area on the ground floor. The radio is next to a skeleton and huge furniture debris in the corner.

Radio #2

The second radio is on a wooden crate on East Balcony.

Corrupted Lands

You can find three Runestones in the Corrupted Lands of the Dark Aether. The locations are as follows:


Runestones #1

The first Runestone is at the base of a large rock formation on the right side of the pack-a-punch machine during the Void objective. The pack-a-punch machine spawns in the middle of the Stygian Heights.

Note that you can also listen to these radios during any other objectives (Sacrifice, Blitz, etc.). We gave the example of a Void objective to reference the pack-a-punch location.

Runestone #2

The second Runestone spawns right at the southeastern border of Vercanna's Soil.

Runestone #3

The final Runestone spawns at the northeastern edge of The Shattered Land.

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