The Alien Isolation team is working on a sci-fi FPS

Creative Assembly describes its in-development title as something that's different from everything else it's done before.

Creative Assembly made one of the best sci-fi horror games in history with 2014's Alien: Isolation. Yet, despite selling well and receiving multiple video game accolades, the studio never released a follow-up. Instead, it went back to making more Total War games, which are admittedly good but left those who loved Isolation hanging and wanting for more.

Alien: Isolation won several year-end awards and continues to frighten gamers to this day.

While Creative Assembly still isn't working on a potential sequel to Alien: Isolation, it has spent the past four years working on an entirely new IP.

As pointed out by GamesRadar, studio director Gareth Edmondson and creative director Alistair Hope shared a few details about the incoming project with Edge Magazine. As it turns out, the Alien: Isolation team has been working on the "as-yet-unnamed science-fiction FPS," since 2018. In addition, Hope claims that the game will boast new levels of "attention to detail and authenticity" as well as committing to "understanding the source material."

Unfortunately, neither Hope nor Edmondson had other info to offer about the game's source material.

Several posts on Creative Assembly's official Twitter account provide more insight into the game. Unfortunately, it appears that it won't be using Unreal Engine 5 although it is still possible for the studio to shift engines mid-development.

Having said that, it is interesting that the studio is confident enough to spread its wings and work on a different niche. Creative Assembly is best known for working on real-time strategy games. The success of Alien: Isolation does help ease concerns, but there is a huge difference between a first-person stealth game and a first-person shooter. There is some concern among fans that the hype surrounding Isolation could put unnecessary pressure on the studio's next game to be just as good if not better. Not to mention, Creative has several other incoming sci-fi titles to worry about like Aliens: Dark Descent, Callisto Protocol, and the Dead Space remake.

It was already a tall ask for the studio to work outside of its comfort zone, and it does not help that it will have to make sure that the game stands out in a surprisingly crowded market.

It might have been in the studio's best interest to skip an Alien: Isolation sequel to avoid unwanted expectations.

Ultimately, it's worth keeping an eye on this new project if only because it's from the Alien: Isolation team.

Speaking of Alien, the franchise is getting a new TV series by Ridley Scott as well as a new film set in a separate continuity with Fede Álvarez at the helm.

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