Rumors suggest that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch

A classification spotted in Brazil "confirms" that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

It appears that Remedy Entertainment isn't done surprising fans. After confirming that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to the PC, as well as modern Xbox and PlayStation consoles, a new listing suggests that the cult-classic action-adventure title is headed to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch should have no issue running a decade-old game.

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Is Alan Wake Remastered on the Nintendo Switch confirmed?

If the listing is true, then fans can expect to play Alan Wake Remastered on the go by 2022 if not earlier.

Remedy Entertainment confirmed earlier this month that a remastered version of Alan Wake was coming on October 5. The confirmation comes after a leak back in June suggested that the game was coming to the Epic Games Store soon.

However, while fans welcomed the surprise announcement, especially with Alan Wake 2 already in full production, some couldn't help but feel disappointed that Remedy wasn't going to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch.

After all, despite the less powerful hardware of Nintendo's portable console, more graphics-intensive games have made their way to the Nintendo Switch.

With that said, a Switch release for Alan Wake Remastered might still happen in the future. A listing from Brazil shows Alan Wake Remastered being rated for the Nintendo Switch in the region. The listing itself does not contain many details about this unannounced Alan Wake Remastered port. Still, the fact that the game got rated for an unconfirmed platform is a good sign that this information is legitimate.

Of course, because it doesn't come from either Nintendo or Remedy Entertainment, we'd like to advise you to keep your hopes tempered.

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Speaking of video game listings, it's not unusual for a game to be listed months before it is officially confirmed. Case in point, the Castlevania Advance Collection bundle. Konami's latest Castlevania compilation was first rated in Australia months ago. Soon after, the trilogy was rated in Korea, and then finally, the game popped up in Taiwan. Yet, despite the mounting evidence proving that the game exists, Konami refuses to announce the game.

For now, fans can look forward to playing Alan Wake Remastered on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the PC, starting on October 5.

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