Alan Wake Remastered and FF7 Remake Spotted on Epic Games Store

It seems like Epic Games' partnership with Remedy Entertainment is in full motion already.

Epic Games Store just nabbed a huge exclusive from Square Enix if this is true.

Earlier this year, we reported that Remedy Entertainment was working on two titles and being funded by Epic Games. Both will take place in the Remedy Connected Universe. So far, this is only composed of 2010's Alan Wake and 2019's Control.

Now, while we wouldn't have expected a remake of Alan Wake as part of that deal, it certainly seems like an enhanced version of the 2010 title is coming to the Epic Games Store. Not only that, but it seems to have brought a friend with it. Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted a listing for the PlayStation-exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake on Epic's digital games distribution platform.

Is Alan Wake Remastered and the FF7 Remake Coming to the PC?

An industry insider going by the handle of Wario64 on Twitter claims to have found evidence of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered on the Epic Games Store.

According to Wario64, the new listings for the aforementioned game popped up on the Epic Games Store back end recently. Both are currently using codenames, which are Pineapple AQ and HeronStaging for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered, respectively. However, a more thorough inspection of the "CloudSaveFolder" lists both titles under their original names.

FF7 Remake would make for the second straight Square Enix title that's exclusive to the EGS on the PC.

Square Enix recently partnered with Epic Games to list the Kingdom Hearts franchise on the Epic Games Store to make the series available on the PC for the first time. It's worth noting that the Kingdom Hearts games haven't made their way to Steam yet.

It seems like Epic Games and Square Enix have decided to double down on their earlier partnership for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

At the same time, an Alan Wake remaster as an EGS exclusive might be Epic Games' way of drumming up interest for the two other Remedy games coming in the future. The deal between Remedy and Epic reportedly included two games set in the Remedy Connected Universe. Because one is said to be smaller in scale, it could be the remaster of Alan Wake. A bigger and more ambitious AAA title might be coming next.

Now, neither Square Enix, Epic Games, or Remedy Entertainment, have made an official announcement. However, there is more than enough evidence pointing in this particular direction.

At this point, all that we're waiting for is confirmation from any of the three aforementioned companies.

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