Is Age of Empires 4 coming to Xbox? Devs aren't ruling it out

Age of Empires 4 from World's Edge and Relic Entertainment is only available on the PC, but it might come to the Xbox in the future.

Several years, remakes, and remasters later, Age of Empires IV has finally arrived on the PC. So far, fans are loving it.

At this point, the console version of Age of Empires 4 could arrive in a year or even less.

The latest entry in Microsoft's long-running real-time strategy franchise could not come at a more perfect time. The RTS genre is in big need of big titles that can breathe some new life into it. StarCraft is long gone and Warcraft is now a full-fledged MMORPG. However, while PC players are enjoying their time romping through history as one of many factions, console players can't help but feel left out.

Having said that, we've got good news for console players waiting for a console-based Age of Empires.

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When is Age of Empires 4 coming to Xbox?

It's amazing to think that Age of Empires IV is the first new Age of Empires game in almost two decades.

Age of Empires 4 isn't coming to Xbox consoles. At least, not yet. However, the developers, World's Edge and Relic Entertainment, are open to the idea. World's Edge creative director Adam Isgreen recently revealed some good news in a interview. He explained that the studio is going to "start thinking about how to make the game run on consoles". The only catch? They want to finish working on the PC release of the game first.

This makes plenty of sense. Age of Empires is a PC-first series. Focusing on a console version would do more harm than good if the PC version wasn't up to par with previous releases. The good news is that Age of Empires IV is running smoothly on the PC right now. This suggests that it's only a matter of time before the console port arrives.

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Many critics and players are loving Age of Empires IV.

Age of Empires was officially revealed earlier this year after being announced many years before. It's the first new installment in the Age of Empires series 2005's Age of Empires III. Now, fans are hoping that the success of Age of Empires IV will encourage Microsoft to invest in real-time strategy titles once again. In particular, fans want Microsoft to consider reviving spin-offs such as Age of Mythology.

Going back to the game's potential console port, bringing Age of Empires IV to consoles isn't impossible now that Microsoft' has done the same with Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator. The latter's PC version was released last July with helicopters already in the pipeline.

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