Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition All Cheats List

Two decades after its release, Age of Empires 2 still has a solid fanbase. As a celebration of its continuous popularity, the developers have released a Definitive Edition of the game featuring better graphics and new campaigns. Like the Age of Empires 2, you can enter cheats to make your gameplay easier or simply have fun. Below is the cheat list for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

How to Enter the Cheat Codes

To enter the cheat codes, simply press Enter to bring the Text Box up.

Entering cheats on Age of Empires II is easy. Simply press Enter while you are playing and a text box should show up, then enter the codes below. You do not have to worry about capitalization as the cheat codes are not case-sensitive. Keep in mind that units will come from your Town Center if you spawn them using the cheat codes.  After entering the codes, press Enter and the cheat should activate.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Cheat List

Below is the list of Cheats for the Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

Map Cheats

Entering the code Marco will reveal the entire map.

If you would like to reveal the entire map or change the Fog of War, simply enter the codes below.

Marco- This cheat will either reveal or hide the entire map.

Polo- Entering this cheat with either disable or enable the Fog of War.


Entering the Cheat code Alpaca Simulator will summon Alfred the Alpaca.

There are different kinds of Units in the Age of Empire and you can control these units to attack and build your empire. Below are some of the powerful units you can summon by using cheats.

Furious the Monkey Boy: If you want to easily take down a building, you can use this code to summon Furious the Monkey Boy. This unit is made for destroying buildings but can only take up to 9 hits.

to smithereens: Entering this cheat will give you the Saboteur unit. This unit destroys units and buildings by committing suicide.

I don't exist: Entering this code will give you a Penguin unit with high armor and damage.

Alpaca Simulator:  Entering this code will summon Alfred the Alpaca. Alfred has high armor and damage. This unit also attacks using headbutts. While it can be slow, Alfred is great in melee fights.

I love the monkey head: This code will give you a VDML unit, which is named after the Ensemble Studios employee, "David Lewis." This unit is extremely fast and will give an attack bonus if you garrison him to a building.

how do you turn this on: This code will activate the Cobra Car unit that can shoot enemies from afar and has high damage. However, this unit can harm friendly units as well, so use sparingly.


Entering the cheat code cheese steak jimmy's will give you 10,000 food resources.

rock on: Activating this cheat will give you 10,000 stone.

lumberjack: Entering this cheat will give you 10,000 wood.

cheese steak jimmy's: Entering this cheat will give you 10,000 food.

robin hood: Activating this cheat will give you 10,000 gold.

ninjalui: This code will give you 10,000 for each resource type.

Other Cheats

Activating the code woof woof will summon flying dogs in your game.

Aside from the cheats above, certain cheat codes will instantly make you win or lose the game. These cheat codes can also kill other civilizations and summon flying dogs.

black death: The black death will kill all civilizations, including your ally, and leave your civilization the only one standing.

!mute: If you want to disable taunts, you can use this cheat code.

!nomute: If you want to re-enable taunts or reverse the effects of !mute, use this cheat code.

resign: This cheat will instantly make you lose the game.

aegis: Activating this cheat will instantly finish the building, gathering, and training of your units. Enter the cheat again to disable the effects.

I r winner: Entering this cheat will instantly win you the game.

woof woof: Ever want a flying dog in your game? Well, now you can with this cheat. Entering this cheat code will summon flying dogs. Aside from being adorable, they won't affect your gameplay.

natural wonders: Let nature control the outcome of your civilization with this cheat. Keep in mind that if you want to gain control again, you have to start a new game.

torpedo _:  Change the "_" with the specific number on your diplomacy screen to instantly kill that civilization.

wimpywimpywimpy: Entering this cheat will also make you lose the game, because all of your units will die.


You can summon the sports car, "Cobra Car" by entering the "how do you turn this on" cheat code.

While Age of Empires 2 is fun to play on its own, adding cheat codes into the game can make the gameplay more interesting. If you want to play for shorter periods or just want flying dogs on your game, you can use the cheat codes above. Simply enter the cheat codes on the text box and press Enter to activate them.

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