AFK Arena Redemption Codes

AFK Arena is the best mobile game for those who like free stuff. The game is not only free to play but the developer Lilith Games also issues redemption codes for the game on a regular basis. You can claim these AFK Arena redemption codes for in-game items like Diamonds, Gold and Hero's Essense.

All the codes listed below are working as of 6th February, 2021.

AFK Arena Working Codes for February 2021

  • persona5 – 500k gold, 500 diamonds, 500 hero’s essence
  • 311j4hw00d – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • ch3atc0de – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • xmasl00t – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • d14m0nd5 – 100k gold and 100 diamonds
  • badlijey666 – 100K gold and 100 diamonds
  • 101nc107h – 100 diamonds and 100k gold
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 common hero scrolls
  • afk888 – 300 diamonds, 20k gold, 100 hero’s essence
  • misevj66yi – 5 common hero scrolls, 500 diamonds, 60 soulstones

When will new AFK Arena codes release?

Lilith games release new AFK Arena codes to coincide with upcoming in-game events and promos. Some of the codes are also released randomly.

The next set of codes will quite likely release around the Chinese New Year, which will take place on 12th February 2021. Being a Chinese developer, Lilith games must have something planned for the big day,

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