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AEW remains uncertain about AEW Fight Forever release date

Fans are currently confused about the status of AEW Fight Forever following contradictory statements from the developers and AEW.

AEW Fight Forever is starting to lose the hype surrounding it when it was first announced.

Is AEW Fight Forever ready to launch? It depends on who you're asking.

Back in March, AEW president, Tony Khan, revealed that AEW Fight Forever is "coming very soon" and that it's "finished."

Unfortunately, THQ Nordic senior community manager, Per Hollenbro, clarifies that AEW Fight Forever isn't "100% yet" and that talks of it being finished are "just another rumour," which probably isn't what you want to say when it comes from the guy who runs the wrestling promotion that you're making a video game about.

Hollenbro has since talked to other publications to clear the air, telling Kotaku that AEW Fight Forever still has several more hoops to go through to be ready for release.

We're pretty sure tthat his lack of clarity is making Yuke's wish that it was still making games for 2K Sports. Before working on AEW Fight Forever, Yuke's was the longtime developer of the WWE 2K series, before creative differences between 2K Sports and Yuke's forced the two to split in 2018. Visual Concepts took over as the head developer of the WWE 2K games, starting with WWE 2K20, which was bad enough that 2K Sports dropped the long-running series for a year to go back to the drawing board.

Now, Yuke's is on the outside looking in as WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K23 topped sales charts at their respective launches.

AEW Fight Forever needs to let its fans know when it's coming out, even if it's just a release window.

We're not sure what to make of the situation over at Yuke's but it likely isn't pretty. The conflicting statements suggest that the development of AEW Fight Forever isn't going well. To make matters worse, the earlier previews of the game have failed to impress.

It remains to be seen if AEW Fight Forever will be released this year.

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