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AEW Fight Forever to keep controversial wrestler, CM Punk

CM Punk's status in AEW: Fight Forever has been confirmed even though the former champion hasn't appeared in AEW for months.

Aew Fight Forever To Keep Cm Punk
Whether CM Punk likes it or not, his contractual obligations might force him to be a part of AEW Fight Forever.

CM Punk was initially set to be the cover star of All Elite Wrestling's debut wrestling sim, Fight Forever, when it launches next year. But, the latest trailer from Yuke's upcoming title showed no sign of the former champion. Because of this, fans assumed that he'd no longer appear in the game.

However, a recent report claims this isn't the case.

According to Sportskeeda, Punk is still part of Fight Forever and AEW representatives will announce if they remove someone from the game. The same report claims that the entirety of the AEW roster will be in the game and that it will have a "T" for Teens rating in the United States.

Despite these revelations, it's still unclear if Punk will continue to be the cover star of AEW: Fight Forever.

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A backstage scuffle between CM Punk and The Elite overshadowed the former champion's triumphant outing at All Out. Since then, CM Punk hasn't been seen in AEW and the reports suggest that he'll never come back to the wrestling promotion. Furthermore, AEW is said to be delaying CM Punk's release to prevent him from moving on.

Aew Fight Forever To Keep Cm Punk
AEW Fight Forever is expected to come out in February next year.

Regardless of what the truth is, CM Punk will have to rid himself of any ties with AEW if he wants to wrestle for another promotion. Some suggest the WWE is ready to welcome CM Punk back albeit some wrestlers don't agree that the only back-to-back Money in the Bank winner should get a chance to return. 

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