AEW All In ticket sales are slowing down

Following the initial surge in ticket sales, interest in the upcoming AEW event has dwindled considerably over the past week.

The upcoming All Elite Wrestling event, All In, is set to set a new wrestling promotion record for most attendees ever. But, while the renowned Wembley Stadium in London will undoubtedly play host to a record-setting event, the AEW might have to temper its expectations regarding how many people will be there.

Two years after Grand Slam, the AEW continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Earlier this month, we reported AEW All In had sold over 43,000 tickets in just two days, a number that ballooned to 60,000 on the third day.

Weeks later, the number hasn't moved much.

The chances of AEW All In filling up the Wembley Stadium, which can reportedly seat more than 90,000, have gone down as well, at least in the eyes of once-hopeful fans.

Wembley Stadium, a landmark location in itself, has hosted several memorable events over the years. For example, the 1992 SummerSlam, which still holds the record for the most attendees by a wrestling event ever in the UK with more than 80,000 people watching Bret Hart successfully defend the WWF Intercontinental Championship against The British Bulldog.

Fans are puzzled about this unusual trend, considering the event's popularity and the growing star power.

MJF is expected to remain the champion and defend his title at AEW All In.

If it's any consolation, it's still too early to worry. With more than three months to go before AEW All In, AEW still has plenty of time to move tickets. More importantly, while the ticket movement hasn't improved much, the anticipation for the event remains at an all-time high.

Besides, don't forget, AEW's current attendance record holder, 2021's Grand Slam in New York, recorded just over 20,000 people in attendance.

With 88,000 seats for All In opened up and over 60,000 tickets already sold, All In is in good shape. The best case scenario is that All In bets the WWE's record for paid and total attendance in the UK.

Speaking of AEW,  Warner Bros. Discovery just confirmed AEW Collision for June 17 and every Saturday thereafter.

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