AEW All In ticket pre-sales continue setting records in Day 2

According to the All Elite Wrestling CEO, the upcoming PPV event in London is already close to halfway to filling up Wembley Stadium.

The AEW will likely find a way to put Will Ospreay over leading up to All In in August.

Since 2007, the WWE has held WrestleMania exclusively in stadiums capable of seating more than 70,000 people. So far, the world's leading promotion has filled the seats every year, topping out at 101,763 attendees at WrestleMania 32 on April 3, 2016. And, while AEW's All-In at Wembley Stadium, which is believed to be set up for around 90,000 fans, probably can't beat that number, it won't be for the lack of trying.

Months ahead of the event, All Elite Wrestling opened the presales for All In. Close to 48 hours later and AEW's billionaire CEO, Tony Khan, has confirmed that All In has already sold over 43,000 tickets.

If all of the 43,000 ticket buyers right now went to Wembley Stadium, AEW All In would be more than halfway through the wrestling attendance record in London set by SummerSlam in 1992 at the very same venue.

All In will serve as All Elite Wrestling's debut in the United Kingdom and it's scheduled specifically to take advantage of a bank holiday weekend on Sunday, August 27.

By confirming the ticket pre-sales numbers two days after they went up for sale, Khan effectively squashed the rumors that the AEW only booked Wembley Stadium for 40,000 people max.

At the moment, All In has already set the record for both the biggest attendance and gate in AEW history. Ticket presales are ongoing ahead of its general sale on Friday, May 5.

CM Punk is expected to return to AEW in Chicago.

The idea for AEW All In, which came from Cody Rhodes, was to make waves in the professional wrestling business and set a record for the biggest non-WWE event ever. The original All In ended up doing just that as it sold more than 10,000 tickets and eventually resulted in the formation of All Elite Wrestling. The second one will try to one-up the 2018 iteration and the AEW is doing everything it can to make it happen.

Case in point, the AEW has officially brought back Jeff Hardy - a fan-favorite asset who's just as likely to take risky high-flying maneuver as he is to make headlines for all the wrong reasons - with the latest rumor suggesting that AEW will bring back CM Punk to spearhead an upcoming brand split. Most likely, AEW will try and get Will Ospreay to stay and, well, go all in, ahead of his pending free agency for a chance to perform in his home country.

As of the moment, no matches have been announced for AEW All In.

Jeff Hardy's return should help the AEW put in more people in the seats.

Speaking of AEW, the wrestling promotion is still unclear when AEW Fight Forever is coming out.

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