Activision could be eyeing a subscription service for Call of Duty in the future

A new Activision job listing is hinting at the possibility of the arrival of subscription-based content coming to Call of Duty.

It's business as usual for Activision Blizzard despite Microsoft's ongoing buyout (the deal won't be finalized until mid-2023) and the multiple lawsuits filed against the controversial publisher.

Call of Duty already has a battle pass, so we're definitely curious to find out what Activision's future subscription-based content plans mean.

Having said that, Activision appears to have a plan in place for a subscription-based service for Call of Duty going forward. Specifically, as per CharlieIntel, the Activision Careers Page lists unfulfilled roles for what is supposedly the future of the Call of Duty brand, CoD 2.0. The listing describes Activision's plans to move forward with this new era for Call of Duty in 2022, saying that this year "is a stellar opportunity" for the brand due to "an extraordinary lineup of innovations in curated player experiences, multi-platform gameplay, subscription-based content, mobile game development, and a move to always on community and player connectivity."

According to the listing, the newly-hired "leader will extend the CoD brand authentically in ways that engage core audiences and ignite and excite new ones."

Activision is no stranger to experimenting with and reinventing Call of Duty.

In recent years, the brand has moved out of its comfort zone to go free-to-play with Call of Duty: Warzone and become available on mobile platforms, courtesy of TiMi Studios and Call of Duty Mobile. Earlier this year, Activision also confirmed that it's working on a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Call of Duty might skip its annual release schedule as early as next year with Infinity Ward getting extended time for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

This also doesn't include the fact that Microsoft, Activision's future owners, wants to bring Call of Duty to the Nintendo Switch, which was corroborated by a recent leak that a Switch port of 2019's Modern Warfare is currently on the docket.

Ultimately, change is good for the Call of Duty series.

Fans have complained for years about how Activision's premiere shooter franchise has stagnated. Although the game's sales continue to top the charts, it's not difficult to see how Call of Duty will only become less popular if Activision doesn't do something radically new, similar to what happened with EA and DICE's Battlefield 2042.

If it's any consolation, at least Activision Blizzard is willing to change things up for Call of Duty, for better or for worse.

All of this is to say that, whether it's Activision Blizzard or Microsoft's doing, the Call of Duty franchise is not going to look the same in a few years.

Speaking of Call of Duty, some fans believe that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star in a live-action adaptation of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, we haven't heard much about this potential movie since January, so it's either Johnson is working on a different video game movie or Activision, as well as whichever studio landed the deal for the adaptation, are doing an excellent job keeping the details on the movie under lock and key.

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