Activision claims that Ricochet is working against Call of Duty cheaters

The newly-added anti-cheat software has successfully banned over 180,000 cheaters since the end of April 2022.

Activision Blizzard's latest anti-cheat tool for its Call of Duty games, Ricochet, first came out in December. Half a year later and it's celebrating the success of the anti-cheat program.

It definitely looks like Ricochet is helping Activision Blizzard in its fight against cheaters in Call of Duty.

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According to an official blog post, Vanguard and Warzone have seen a "significant" drop in the number of cheaters since the software started tightening the game's security measures.

However, Activision pointed out that it had also seen "some unfortunate increases" in cheating, which it explained is part of the "expected ebb and flow that is a frustrating reality in game security." Activision added that while it will try its best to stay one step ahead of the cheat makers, it also knows that "tomorrow will continue to deliver new and evolving threats," but it also explained that it is "always working to combat cheating."

Activision also gave insight into their so-called "mitigation" techniques that help them to combat cheaters in Call of Duty. Instead of banning cheaters outright, Activision is actually letting them stay in Call of Duty but with diminished capabilities. In doing so, Activision is hoping to learn from their behavior. Also, it appears that Activision isn't above trolling all the cheaters, as it specifically pointed out how their measures can make cheaters go from "feelings of fake-best" to "glorious pangs of annoyance."

Activision teased that it's still actively working on adding more "mitigation" techniques to Call of Duty so that it can "annoy as many cheaters" as possible and drive them out of the game.

It's nice to know that the Ricochet team is having fun trolling cheaters in Call of Duty.

Of course, these types of updates are never complete without numbers. As revealed by Activision, it banned 180,000 players combined across Warzone and Vanguard in less than two months. It is also promising that Ricochet will come to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 once it arrives in October as well as Warzone 2.

Speaking of Call of Duty, Infinity Ward is already planning for after it is done working on the marquee shooter franchise. As proven by several job postings, Infinity Ward is looking for individuals for an open-world RPG. This would mark the first time that Infinity Ward will set its eyes on a non-Call of Duty game. It would also "confirm" that Sledgehammer Games is working on the next Call of Duty game with Treyarch coming out with a standalone Zombies experience.

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