Activision dev confirms that it is not possible to add more Call of Duty Warzone maps

With roughly a year to go before Warzone 2, a Raven Software developer confirmed that storage issues are the biggest limitations of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Since launching Call of Duty: Warzone as a bonus feature for 2019's Modern Warfare before releasing it as a standalone title, Activision has always worried about the game's installation size. Even if Call of Duty games have large install sizes historically, Call of Duty: Warzone is still pretty big at nearly 100GB, which is a problem when you're a free-to-play game.

Warzone Map Rotation Technological Limitations
It appears that Call of Duty: Warzone's miniscule map rotation is a product of the game's limited technology and not by choice.

As it turns out, Activision is well aware of this issue and it's one of the reasons why Warzone doesn't have as many maps as fans would like. According to the live operations lead at Raven Software, John Bridge, Warzone won't be getting any maps soon.

Bridge couldn't help but put things bluntly in the TeeP interview, saying that the "install and reinstall sizes are f****ng crazy.", explaining that the file size is one of the reasons why the studio has had to get creative with the game's map rotations.

He added that the developers' way of dealing with map fatigue was to revamp Rebirth Island because a huge chunk of the player base is still stuck playing Warzone on last-gen consoles with fairly limited and slow storage. It doesn't help that even the PS5 has less than 700GB of usable storage out of the box.

TLDR; Warzone's current file size is the best that Raven can do at the moment.

Furthermore, Bridge revealed that Warzone is using technology that was never designed for large-scale combat, hinting that the massive content that's already available in Warzone is a huge problem that Activision still hasn't solved.

He also admitted that Warzone bleeds players whenever they add a new update and this is an ongoing problem. While Bridge's statements do sound bleak for the future of Warzone, he did assure fans that the goal is to introduce more maps into Warzone's rotation even if current technology limits this from happening.

One way of interpreting this is that Bridge is talking about Warzone 2. Specifically, how the game can cater to more content because it will use technology specifically designed to take advantage of what the current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X can do.

Three years is a long time to support this sort of game. Even if other battle royale shooters have been on the market for just as long if not longer, you have to consider how Activision never designed Warzone's engine for what it has become.

Activision Not Possible Add Call Of Duty Warzone Maps
At present, Warzone's on PS5 is over 120GB and similar on other consoles.

Bridge's revelations, although not surprising, are deeply insightful and give us a better look at how a large publisher like Activision can continue to have such problems despite throwing multiple studios at Warzone.

Speaking of Call of Duty, Activision opened March by confirming that it is working on a mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone. Some are speculating that this is Activision's way of mitigating the sting of dropping support for Warzone once Warzone 2 arrives next year.

In addition, a leaker recently mentioned that the Nintendo Switch could get a port of Modern Warfare Remastered while an interesting job listing from Activision suggests that it's looking into introducing a subscription service for Call of Duty going forward.

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