Activision is bringing Godzilla to Call of Duty Warzone

The latest set of leaks confirms an earlier report that the monstrous force of nature is headed to the free-to-play shooter.

Last week, Activision dropped a trailer for a future Call of Duty update, hinting at the arrival of Godzilla and King Kong in Warzone.

Activision Godzilla To Call Of Duty Warzone
Footage from "secret facility B1108 on Caldera" suggests that King Kong and Godzilla are coming.

Over the weekend, fans got to speculating and theorizing what this could all mean. On one hand, the tease corroborates our earlier report that a limited-time event featuring the two MonsterVerse leads as potential boss battles. However, fans can't help but think Activision Blizzard is just throwing everything to the damn wall to see what sticks as the ongoing legal battles drag the company's name and reputation through the mud.

Had rumors of the event started popping up at another time, fans would have celebrated. Instead, the current situation feels like Activision isn't trying to hide its lack of care for what fans think as long as it can make money.

Warzone is not in a good state.

Movement and manteling issues plague Warzone on top of unfair weapon stats as well as cheaters and more. Surely, Activision has not deluded itself into thinking that players will enjoy seeing King Kong and Godzilla while they worry about logging in to see the event. Raven Software, along with the rest of the Call of Duty teams, should have just spent more time making Warzone work properly instead of working on an event that will only make the shooter unplayable.

The only silver lining here is that it would be awesome seeing hundreds of players band together to try and take out the building-sized monsters as they duke it out against each other.

With the new Call of Duty season scheduled to begin on April 27, we should hopefully learn more about the unannounced Godzilla event by then.

Activision Godzilla To Call Of Duty Warzone
Someone should probably tell Activision that it should make sure that Call of Duty: Warzone runs well first before holding big events.

In other news, there are trusted insiders suggesting that Activision is looking into adding NFTs to Call of Duty. Unlike Blizzard, who denied such claims, Activision hasn't released a statement yet. The controversial publisher also promoted part-time QA testers to full-time positions as the company pivots towards an "always-on" model for Call of Duty. Finally, despite being years away from being released, the next Call of Duty game is already in development by Sledgehammer Games.

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