Activision announced Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile ahead of Call of Duty NEXT

Activision has finally announced Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile (codenamed Project Aurora) with a new teaser trailer showing the classic Verdansk game starting intro. The teaser shows the Verdansk plane flying through the clouds, just like we had on Verdansk.

Activision Makes Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Official

In our previous report, we mentioned existing hints and speculation suggesting that Verdansk will be making its return, only in Warzone Mobile.

Activision has not given any further information about the game, but you can expect to learn more during the Call of Duty Next event scheduled to broadcast on September 15, 2022, at 9:30 AM PT. Call of Duty Next is a franchise event that includes showcases of the upcoming game and what the series has in store for the future.

The event will mainly revolve around the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. Still, we can certainly expect more information about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile as it has been teased ahead of the event.

We will also get a full multiplayer reveal and many more surprises during the event. We will keep a close eye on the details showcased during the event and update the stories accordingly.

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