How To Acquire The Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

The Excalibur is arguably the most powerful weapon in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and so it is expected that obtaining this legendary weapon in the game would be difficult. Below is the guide that will make your journey of acquiring the Excalibur much easier than simply going in blind. Also, spoilers ahead!

Brief History Of The Excalibur

The Excalibur is an extremely famous sword associated with the Arthurian legend. This sword was either given to King Arthur by the Lady in the Lake, or obtained by Arthur by pulling the sword from an anvil sitting atop a stone or both, all depending on the Arthurian romance author - as there are many!

The Excalibur In Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

The Excalibur is a Mythical two-handed Great Sword that inflicts blind to all enemies around the area when heavy finishers and critical are triggered. It has 3 Rune Slots. Below are Excalibur’s stats.

Stats Value
Atk 105
Stun 80
Weight 17
Speed 40
Crit-Pre 63

The Excalibur is best used in conjunction with the Dual Heavy Wielding Perk for maximum effectiveness. The Excalibur is also beautiful to look at, especially when you are swinging it against a wave of your enemies. It also has a distinct sound that is surprisingly cathartic when it hits other weapons or the flesh of your enemies.

How To Obtain The Excalibur

To get the Excalibur, you have to obtain the 11 Mysterious Tablets first. Eight of these tablets are called the Treasures of Britain. You will have to go to an exact location for each tablet and complete parkour trials in order to get them.  For every tablet acquired, you will also be given 1 skill point. This is helpful when you are trying to increase your Power Level.

The other three tablets are in the possession of the Zealot members of The Ancient Order. They are Woden, Heike, and Hrothgar. They can be found patrolling at random times in England.

Treasure of Britain Tablet 1 Location – Cavern of Trials

Location of the cave

You must find your way to the east of Cent. Enter the house and find the ladder that goes down underground, just follow the path once inside. You can use your Odin’s Sight to see the Key of Courage which is tied on a rope. Grab the key.

Use this key to open the door and enter. Once you find yourself in a circular corridor with a ruined statue in the middle, you are now close to the first tablet. In this area, there will be several entrances surrounding the statue. Every room will take you to a different parkour puzzle. You will have to perform the same action as to how you got the Key of Courage while it was hanging in the previous room, and get these three keys, namely the Key of Balance, Key of Agility, and Key of Dexterity.

Down at the bottom, there is a series of doors that need the keys you just acquired. In the next area, there are pushable carts. Line them up in order to jump to the next area. After doing this three times, you will discover some stone stairs that will you lead to your first tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 2 Location – Grime’s Graves

Location of the 2nd tablet

It is easy to find Grime’s Graves. It is located southwest of Elmenham. A Leap of Faith is required in order to enter the cave. There is a cursed altar just right below the wood platforms near the end of the cave. This is pretty linear so there is no chance that you will get lost. Destroy the altar and get the tablet and get ready for the third tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 3 Location – Old Cellar

Location of the third tablet

This is another stress-free tablet to acquire. You need to go to a cave southwest of Colcestre. Although the paths may fork, they will converge eventually. There will be poison clouds along the way so be wary of them. You can get rid of them by burning them out with your torch or you can simply avoid them. You will reach a cellar.

Use Odin's Sight to highlight the wine barrels' locks and shoot at them. The spilled stale wine should make the water under the grate rise so that you can get the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 4 Location – Wiccan’s Cave

Location of the 4th tablet

Go to the west of Jorvik and look for the Wiccan cave. This cave is confusing, so follow the instructions carefully. First, make your way through the cave until you arrive in an open area. You will know you are in the correct location as there is an open area with a tree on a central platform. Second, climb the platform and jump to the right into a wall. Third, follow the path. This is straightforward until you hit a T corridor. The path to the right is a dead-end. Fourth, shoot an arrow to the ice wall. It will be destroyed and you should take the path that it reveals.

Finally, there is a small entrance on the left and a couple of angry boars that you must face. After surviving the boars, look for a hole at the side of the locked room. Shoot through it to break the lock on the other side of the room. Get the tablet out of the room you just unlocked.

There is an alternative path if you choose the other way, where you will have to fight chickens instead of the boars.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 5 Location – Red Lichen Cavern

Location of the 5th tablet

Go to the east of Wincestere. You can find here the Red Lichen Cavern. Head left as soon as you reach the open area inside the cave. Again, there will be poison clouds, representing an obstacle to your journey. Quickly get the tablet as soon as you see it. It will be surrounded by poison gas. Burn them or avoid them, your choice.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 6 Location – Wocig

Location of the 6th tablet

Northeast of Chepeham there is a cave. This cave will push you to use your parkour skills to the limits. When you see a boat, ride it until you see some stairs. Hop off the boat and into the stairs, then walk upstairs and face the wall on your left then climb it. Jump several times until you see the torch. There is a small entrance here. Use Odin’s Sight to find the room on the left. Blow the flammable pots that are found in the room and get inside the small crack in the wall. This crack will appear when the flammable pots are destroyed. This will lead you to the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 7 Location – Deoraby Spar Cavern

Location of the 7th Tablet

This cave is located in the north of Snotinghamscire. You just have to climb to the top platform which will take you through a crack in the wall. Enter this and you will find yourself in a room with three ruined statues.

Go to the left and then traverse to the right side of the room. There is a parkour trail next to the statue. Reach this area and go to the northern part of the room. Climb up the statue and jump again for a few more platforms. You will soon reach the chamber which keeps the tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet 8 Location – Santlache Mine

Location of the 6th tablet

Here is another tricky tablet to get. Go straight to the mine and then destroy the breakable wall on your right., Head straight until there is a dead-end. There is a small entrance on the left side. Climb down the ladder and take the path. You will find another ladder with a breakable lock, and after some parkour on a number of platforms, jump to the zipline and ride it. You will land in an open area with another breakable wall. Enter this area and go behind the wood wheel. Dive into the waters and prepare for a long swim. Break the underwater door and you will arrive at the chamber which houses the tablet right at the center of it.

The Ancient Order Tablet 9 Location – Hrothgar

To acquire the Ancient Order Zealots’ tablets, you must defeat the three of them. Hrothgar is found in Suthsexe. He is at Power Level 280 so, needless to say, you nust be powerful enough to take him down. He inflicts damage that can destroy you in a few hits and also recovers quickly by healing himself. Fighting him will take a long while.

The Ancient Order Tablet 10 – Heike

Fighting Heike on the roads of Essexe

Heike is much more manageable. He is at Power Level 250 and can be found roaming around the roads of Essexe. Heike is equipped with a sword and heavy shield, and is very quick, dishing out an obscene amount of damage. He also uses poison in both his bombs and swords so fight him from afar. If you are not built for range fighting, be sure to parry and dodge his attacks.

The Ancient Order Tablet 11 – Woden

Woden patrols the main roads of Cent. He is at Power Level 220. He may be the weakest but you cannot brute force your way against him. He uses flash bombs and probably the quickest opponent you will ever face. Just dodge his attacks and you will eventually win.

Getting The Excalibur In The Myrddin’s Cave

You will find the Myrddin Cave here

Now that you have all the tablets head to Hamtunscire and look for Myrddin’s cave. There are wild bears in this area so prepare to take them down. Given that you have defeated the Zealots, the bears should not pose as threats to you.

Complete some parkour trails and perform a Leap of Faith and you will find yourself in an underwater entrance. There are 11 monoliths in the open area that you will land. The Excalibur is found at the center of these monoliths. Insert the tablets in each of these slots so that you can obtain the Excalibur.

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