Accessibility Policy

Xfire is dedicated to ensuring that our website and content is fully accessible to all readers across a broad spectrum of platforms, devices, browsers and screens. We endeavor to accommodate readers regardless of their disability status and are constantly improving our site to improve readability and accessibility.

Our articles can be easily accessed and viewed on all major platforms and browsers and are compatible with common accessibility plugins, such as screen readers.

Third Party Websites

Xfire will sometimes link to, embed or otherwise feature content from other websites that are unaffiliated with Xfire and which we have no influence or control over. As such Xfire cannot bear responsibility for the accessibility status of these third party websites. However, our editorial team does make reasonable efforts to link or feature sources which provide accessible content.

Contact Us

If you have any requests or comments regarding the accessibility of Xfire, or would like to have specific accessibility needs met by our team or content, contact us at and our team will strive to make whatever reasonable accommodations are possible.

This policy was last modified on December 4, 2022.

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