BLUE Box Game Studios postpones Abandoned PS5 app release indefinitely

BLUE BOX Game Studios might as well do a stealth reveal of Abandoned.

For better or for worse, gamers are tuning in to see what kind of game Abandoned really is.

This is the second time that BLUE BOX Game Studios has delayed the release of the Abandoned PS5 app.

At this point, it doesn't matter if it's a Silent Hill game or a Metal Gear game. All everybody wants to know is what kind of game Abandoned it is - and of course whether it's good or not.

The latter isn't easy to answer until Abandoned has been released. However, gamers should have had an answer to the former on August 10. Instead, BLUE BOX Game Studios left audiences with nothing but even more questions.

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When is the Abandoned PS5 app going to release?

Fans initially linked Abandoned to Kojima's cancelled project, Silent Hills.

BLUE BOX Game Studios could barely contain its excitement in the days leading up to the Abandoned PS5 app launch, which got gamers hyped.

Abandoned is a PS5-exclusive game that gave off some pretty serious Silent Hill vibes in its initial reveal. It didn't help that rumors are going around that it's a Metal Gear game in disguise.

Either way, fans wanted to know what kind of game Abandoned really was. Unfortunately, we will now have to wait a while longer to find out.

Just as BLUE BOX was scheduled to reveal the Abandoned PS5 app, the studio decided to postpone the release at the last minute. The indie developers went on Twitter to explain the situation and around 24 hours later, a statement was published on Abandoned's Twitter account. It said that the team behind the game was going to delay the release of the Abandoned PS5 app again.

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Unlike last time, the studio refrained from giving a specific date.

If this is all part of an elaborate ruse meant to get audiences interested in Abandoned, then it has succeeded.

The only problem is that the developers are leaving everyone either frustrated or indifferent. If this keeps up, Abandoned might just lose all the hype that it has generated these past few weeks. The Abandoned PS5 app has already been delayed before and the most recent delay does not paint the developers in a good light.

Of course, all will be forgiven if Abandoned is confirmed to be a Metal Gear or Silent Hill game. Both are some of Konami's best games and fans have been begging Konami for a new installment of either franchise for years.

If nothing else, Abandoned has amazing visuals for a game made by a "small-time developer".

Judging by the trailers and footage of the game that we have seen so far, what BLUE BOX has is an atmospheric first-person horror game that looks to take advantage of the PS5's hardware. If it's not Metal Gear or Silent Hill, then we can only hope that the game is actually good. Otherwise, it will be judged severely by the community, regardless of whether BLUE BOX Game Studios wants that or not.

Speaking of Silent Hill and Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima is busy working on a Director's Cut for Death Stranding with his own studio, Kojima Productions.

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