Abandoned is sparking rumors of a Kojima connection once again

The teaser comes just weeks before the game's first trailer drops on August 10.

Abandoned has the potential to go down in video game history as either one of the best video game ruses of all time or one of the biggest disappointments, and the former is looking a lot more likely by the day.

The most recent teaser image for Abandoned hints at a potential connection with Kojima and Metal Gear.

Despite having already shut down rumors that the game is related to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill, BLUE BOX Game Studios isn't exactly helping themselves by releasing material that outright connects to the aforementioned developer and video game franchise. In fact, the most recent teaser for the game's upcoming showcase shows a familiar character in its background.

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Is Abandoned really not related to Kojima?

Hideo Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions, are currently busy working on a director's cut for Death Stranding. In addition to this, a video released a month ago seemingly spelled the end of all the speculation that Abandoned was a Kojima game in disguise. For a while, all the talk did die down.

However, BLUE BOX Game Studios just poured fire onto the rumors when it released a teaser image for the game's app, Abandoned: Real Time Experience.

If you take a close look at the image above, the background shows a man with an eye patch. If you're even vaguely familiar with who Kojima is, you'll know who the character is. It has the same likeness as that of someone that Kojima worked on for years, in particular, Big Boss and his genetic children Solid Snake and Liquid Snake.

There also appears to be some blurred-out lines written behind the text, but we're not here to talk about that.

What we are here to talk about is what BLUE BOX Game Studios is doing. Naturally, the studio went ahead and tried to debunk the rumors again.

According to Hasan Kahraman, founder of BLUE BOX Game Studios, these theories are what's making it hard for the developers to work on Abandoned. He added that "any model with an eye patch would look like the character in our teaser" before clarifying that the model wasn't just sourced from anywhere on the internet.

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When are we going to find out more about Abandoned?

The original Big Boss and his genetic offspring like Solid Snake have worn eye patches at some point.

At this point, the talks about Abandoned being a Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid game will not die down anytime soon. Until it is released, people will continue grasping at straws. This means that we shouldn't expect fans to stop spreading "misinformation" that Hasan Kahraman is just a face model that Kojima hired and that his name is code for the famed auteur.

Sure, the teaser image doesn't help at all. At the same time, Hasan does have a point. Just because the studio used a man with an eye patch it doesn't mean that it has any connection with Kojima or the Metal Gear franchise.

The same thing happened during the lead-up to the release of Death Stranding. For years after its initial announcement at E3 2016, Kojima's fans speculated that it was a Metal Gear Solid game hiding in plain sight. Some even went as far as to say that it would include the cut content from Metal Gear Solid V.

It wasn't until Death Stranding was released in 2019 that fans believed that it wasn't a Metal Gear Solid game. It made for a bittersweet moment when players realized that Kojima had indeed separated himself from the franchise that he worked on for decades.

Thankfully, it won't be long before we find out more about Abandoned. The Realtime Experience app will be available for preload on the PlayStation 5 on July 29 with the first trailer dropping on August 10.

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