Developer admits that Abandoned is not a horror game

In a new interview, Hasan Kahraman reveals that Abandoned is neither a Silent Hill game nor a horror game.

Abandoned has become one of the most talked-about games in recent months. Numerous rumors and much speculation have targeted the upcoming PS5-exclusive, much to the dismay of the game's developers, BLUE BOX Game Studios, and its creator, Hasan Kahraman.

Abandoned Is Not A Horror Game
An exclusive interview with NME reveals plenty of interesting details about Abandoned.

Now, Hasan has decided to speak out about everything that's gone wrong for Abandoned and, perhaps more importantly, what type of game it really is.

Hasan speaks out against audiences labeling them as "scammers"

Abandoned Is Not A Horror Game
BLUE BOX has repeatedly refuted any claims that Abandoned is a Silent Hill game in disguise.

In a recent interview with NME, Hasan took the time to reflect on the disastrous trailer app that BLUE BOX released for Abandoned last week.

He describes the experience as a "really big disaster", which is fitting after BLUE BOX decided to postpone the release of the Abandoned app multiple times.

However, it appears that even a botched trailer app release wasn't enough to make determined fans change their mind. Plenty of audiences still believe that Abandoned is just a front for a new Kojima-led game or the next Metal Gear installment.

According to Hasan, the four-second trailer was all intentional on BLUE BOX's part. He explained that getting the patch out was the studio's priority. He pointed out engine issues as the reason for the initial patch delay, assuring fans that the studio will add more content to the app.

When asked when a cinematic trailer is coming, Hasan claims that the team plans on showing it off at Gamescom 2021. The upcoming digital games showcase is scheduled from August 25 to August 27. However, he cautioned that he's not going to make promises this time around to avoid further backlash given how things have gotten out of hand for Abandoned lately.

Abandoned Is Not A Horror Game
If Abandoned isn't a horror game like many believe, it'll be interesting to see just what kind of game it ends up becoming.

Speaking of things getting out of hand, NME put to rest all the game's aforementioned links to Kojima, Metal Gear, and or Silent Hill. NME reports that it has received a lengthy breakdown of Abandoned's plot and confirmed that it is a unique game. Hasan also added that Abandoned is a "shooter/survival game" with "some horror elements in it but it's not really a horror game."

Hasan's interview with NME ends with the studio's founder expressing his thoughts about all the negativity that Abandoned has received over the past few weeks. He says that all the negative attention is making everyone involved in the development of Abandoned feel uncomfortable showing their faces.

"It's not fun being labeled as a scammer, right?" reveals Haran, saying that he feels depressed as a result.

BLUE BOX Game Studios and Abandoned has had an interesting couple of months. At this point, it doesn't matter what kind of game Abandoned is. It's simply better for audiences to let the developers do their work. All the criticism can come later once the game comes out.

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