Abandoned PS5 App and Full Reveal Delayed to August

Instead of a late June reveal, the Abandoned PS5 app is now slated for an August release.

Whether it's intentional or not, BLUE Box Game Studios has found itself in the middle of a plethora of conspiracy theories.

It looks like we won't get a full Abandoned reveal until August.

Audiences - specifically, fans of Hideo Kojima - are linking the studios' PS5 exclusive title, Abandoned, to Hideo Kojima. Some have gone as far as to translate the name of BLUE Box Game Studios' director, Hasan Kahraman, to other languages to try and uncover the potential ruse. Others also believe that Kahraman is merely an actor hired by Kojima to masquerade as another person.

To try and squash the rumors, Kahraman has appeared in a video posted on the official Twitter account of BLUE Box Game Studios. Just a few days later, he's back again. Albeit, as the bearer of bad news this time around.

What's With all the Abandoned Delays?

In his latest video, Kahraman once again posted a video of himself on the official account. However, unlike the previous video, this wasn't just a way to put "a face to the name". This time, he provided an update about the upcoming PS5 app for Abandoned, which was scheduled to release on June 25.

According to Kahraman, the studio has decided to push back Abandoned's PS5 reveal app. He explains that the app's quality was not up to the standards of the team and that they wanted to do the first game's reveal right. He adds that a full trailer for Abandoned is also going to launch along with the app, which is now set to release in August.

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Here's to hoping that the hype doesn't raise people's expectations of Abandoned too high.

In an earlier article, we talked about the possibility that Abandoned is Silent Hill that's just hiding in plain sight. It looks like the likelihood of that is shrinking by the day. Then again, this hasn't stopped fans from speculating and theorizing.

Despite Kahraman already putting the conspiracy theories to rest, some refuse to accept that Abandoned is not Silent Hill. Some people are convinced that Kahraman is just an actor or a computer rendering. Either way, it doesn't matter if Abandoned is Silent Hill or not at this point. If it is, then Kojima has pulled another one on us yet. If not, then the constant hype around Abandoned will ultimately hurt the game.

All of these speculations won't be good for Abandoned, especially if it causes expectations to sky-rocket. Even if the game doesn't end up being Silent Hill, there are some legitimate concerns if the experience doesn't match up with what people are expecting.

If it's any consolation, the studio seems keen on making sure that Abandoned is a good game. A full reveal for Abandoned is scheduled for August. The game should release not too long after.

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